September 2004

  1. Review of grand final day!

    Just thought I'd go through a few things about the grand final. Exciting game. Even though goals were scare in the 2nd half, still enjoyed the tight tough football that was played. Good to see Mark Williams rewarded after struggling to get the score on the board at Northern. Thought Colin Sylvia was very good at a time when Sandringham spilt the game open. Rod Crowe was also good after struggling the last couple of years while on North Melbourne's list.
  2. Finals System !

    Hi guys, Just want to gage how people feel about Tasmania getting the second home final. To be honest I find it absolutely disgusting. I understand that they want to promote the game better in Tasmania but the VFL is just turning into a minor AFL with these inequities. I was quite happy that Bendigo Bombers had to travel to Tassie in the first final as Tassie were fifth and Bendigo eigth but for North Ballarat to have to go there after finishing top 4 is just too harsh. The VFL DOESNT have any contracts where they are forced to play games anywhere like the AFL, so lets keep the finals even.
  3. Bendigo Bombers And Their Future!

    Hi guys just want to get a few opinions on this. I live in Bendigo and bought a membershipo this season. I found it hard as obviously it has been more Like an Essendon reserves team than a Bendigo team. I know next season will be different with a Bendigo Bombers reserves team as that will give the Bombers more of a Bendigo feel. Do you guys think Bendigo Bombers will survive as I am worried that the players are more worried about getting their stats than about the team winning.