February 2005

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    Coburg V Bendigo Bombers
    Was near the ground and ducked in to see the last 10 minutes or so. Bendigo kicked 3 in the time I was there, but Coburg were a mile in front and added a couple of goals themselves. Coburg 17.5.112 def Bendigo 6.6.42 The reserves match was between Coburg and Frankston.
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    Werribee v Geelong Sat 26th Feb
    Teams (as from the teamlists provided and I can't guarantee that they were correct or that all played): Werribee: Miles, Hassan, Closter, Lamb, Williams, McVilly, Burlak, McCormack, Thompson, Harrison, Foss, Henderson, Davidson, Wight, McGuiness, Collins, Street, Murphy, Tiller, Twomey, Thompson, Koops. Geelong: Cheep, Callan, Haynes, Thurley, Garth, Ablett, Blake, Spencer, Chambers, Prismall, Waldron, Rahilly, Buckland, Doolan, Batchelor, Byrne, Vassilou, Sheringham, Torney, Betz, Spence, Byrne, Condy, Thompson, Bett, Graham, Braddock Final Score (if you trust the scoreboard): GEELONG 17.
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    Image problem for VFL getting worse!
    Out of the mouth of one of Australian Football's most respected commentators Tim Lane.The way things are rapidly going this the future of the VFL(sic) the bloody AFL "seconds" From todays AGE And what's happened to footy since cricket became a force in Tasmania? It's travelled further south than Roald Amundsen.
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    Which VFL Recruits will do well in the WAFL?
    There are a few that have come over this year. James Davies (Bendigo to East Fremantle) Ryan Ablett (Port Melbourne via Cranbourne to East Fremantle) Joel Sofi (Port Melbourne to East Fremantle) Luke Durling (Carlton to East Fremantle) Dan Jordan (Geelong to East Fremantle) Andrew Mills (Sandringham to East Perth) Dan Jones (Box Hill to Perth) Warren Carlisle (Coburg to Perth) Leigh Sheehan (Williamstown to South Fremantle) Andrew Treloar (Sandringham to South Fremantle) Daniel Wulf (Spingvale to Swan Districts) Nick Gieschen (Port Melbourne to West Perth) They are the ones I am aware of.
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    Bendigo List 2005
    http://www.bendigobombers.com/players.html Names and photos of the squad. A few names there I recognise from TAC Cup last year to be a part of Bendigo's new reserves team.