April 2006


  1. Round 4 Crowds

    So far we've got Tassy v Geelong with 4,214, Willy v Port with app. 2,300, Casey v Box Hill with what looked like about 2,000, Sandy v Frankston with app. 800, does anyone have an official figure for Casey Fields opening? How about Coburg v Werribee? Pretty wet day, wouldn't have expected more than about 1,000. Cheers
  2. Lets have a nice day

    With all the words being thrown around about this an that. bad grounds. people. crap food. trees not groing. bad afl. nth tassie sth tassie. people not working for footy vi. no penut man. frankston hill. sandy hill. werribee fans drinking cans back of cars. list goes on till 7658 pages. So my point is this.on this Wednesday 3rd of May if every body writes in ,it has to be a positive,just for a change it would be good to write all the good going into comp and no baging others. MY THOUGH ANYBODY AGREE.
  3. AFL: Launceston Farce

    What did everyone think of the finish to the St Kilda vs Fremantle game today. Here is my view: Here is how I see it after viewing vision of it this evening. 1) When time runs out the siren shall be blown and continue being blown until a field umpire has signalled he has heard the siren. [b]Is this case this did not occur.[/b] 2) It is intersting that the siren was not heard I was down there a week ago for a VFL match and the siren could be heard. But maybe having 15000 there could be a difference. My opinon is that the game will be declared a draw.
  4. [quote="footyman"]Dolphin, you are spot on. Normally you are right in the mix of things arguing with people. Well done today the Dolphins were very good, hope you enjoyed it. Ozy... I was there til the end mate. I'll add two positives just to please BigV: * Going onto the ground to listen to the coaches * Not being ripped off to have a pie and a drink like you are at the AFL * Having matches at rival grounds and being able to trek across Melbourne to watch the footy.
  5. Round 4 Reserves - Bullants v Port

    Northern Bullants 3.2 7.5 8.8 10.8 (68) Port Melbourne 3.1 5.1 7.4 12.4 (76) BEST: Northern Bullants: O'Hailpin Jackson Longmire Smith Batson Clarke Port Melbourne: Dwyer Waldron Carroll Cain Henshaw Plymin GOALS: Northern Bullants: Batson 5 Clarke 2 Smith Pell Higgs Port Melbourne: Allan 4 Carroll 3 Dwyer 2 Langford Cain Sutcliffe After the loss to Williamstown in the ones, I thought I'd get along and take a look at who put their hand up in the twos for Port. Good pressure game that was played in almost constant drizzle.