June 2006

  1. Gannon calls for VFA greats admission into Football Hall of

    Ken Gannon spoke on SEN this morning, asking the AFL to look at inducting more members from the VFA and other competitions around Australia who have made great contributions to Australian Football, and not just clocked up a number of AFL games. Several names were suggested, but I think Frank Johnson should be an automatic selection. Frank Johnson holds the distinction of being the only VFA representative player to achieve selection in two All Australian teams. Johnson was selected after the 1953 Adelaide and 1956 Perth Carnivals. He later also represented the VFL with distinction.
  2. Port Melbourne this weekend

    The seniors might have the bye, but the twos are playing on Saturday at 12:00 PM at AUSTAR Arena.
  3. Phil CLEARY

    All interested phil has updated his web page on the v/f/l www.philcleary.com.au/vfl.htm
  4. Life members

    A few players have got life membership this season,but what does that mean? What do they get? Or is it just a token wanky thing.
  5. Half way point

    So, we're at the half way point or just over, how do you think your team has gone, lived up to, below or above expectations?? Do you think the ladder will change a whole lot? How many games need to be won to make the finals? Last year 3 teams all finished on 7, with only one making it, the team below on six had a better percentage then all of them. Who's been it outstanding form?? Who is your flag favourite??