August 2006

  1. Cam Howat gets a gig

    Great to see Cam Howat, (formerly of Box Hill) getting his first game for Richmond this weekend. Hope he goes well. Didn't realise he'd been elevated off the rookie list. Carn'a Tiges, Go Stanagas.

    On the footy hour on sen.Martin Stillman was talking about were to play finale matches.HE said Casey would play a finale to thank the council and all involved,also Bendigo got a finale last year for the same reson as casey. My question, wernt Frankston told they would get a finale game last year due to the major improvments at Frankston?but were playing Tassie first finale so had to play in Tassie 10000+ crowd. I think if Frankston make the 8 they are owed a finals game.Thier is no better grownd to watch the v.f.l than Frankston in my opinion and i beleive they would get a crowd of 5000.
  3. Broadcast games for this week?

    Just wondering which games are to be broadcast on the radio stations this week. In last weeks VFL Record, it lists SEN as doing Coburg v Frankston but why would they choose that one which is the TV game when there is another game on at the same time with no coverage? And in the report on this site from Anthony Brady it says Port v Werribee will be on 97.7 but in the VFL Record it listed a different game. Anyone know?
  4. Early finals predictions

    There is 4 rounds left in the home and away season and I have been through the remaning fixture and come up with where i think teams will finish at the end of Round 20. [u][b]Northern Bullants (13-1 1st)[/b][/u] [b]To Play:[/b] Box Hill (Home), vs North Ballarat(Away), vs Werribee (Home), vs Coburg (Away) [b]My Prediction:[/b] Win all 4 games to finish 1st with 17-1 record [u][b]Sandringham (11-3 2nd)[/b][/u] [b]To Play:[/b] vs Williamstown(Away), vs Geelong(Home), vs Frnkston (Away), vs Bendigo (Away) [b]My Prediction:[/b] Win all 4 games to finish 15-3 in 2nd place [u][b]Williamstown (9-6
  5. Victorian Football Association - Team of the Century

    Been a couple of threads on this, as well as Peter Donegan raising the subject during the ABC TV Coverage. * He gave this site a wrap, and thanks Peter for continuing to promote it (despite some of the negative posters of late). He mentioned that George 'VFA' Paras was trying to get an official Team of the Century function up and running. It will be a massive task, but would draw a huge turnout considering all of the clubs that have been involved.