January 2007

  1. Should the VFL trial the 20m minimum kick rule in 2007?

    45% (18 votes)
    48% (19 votes)
    Don't know
    8% (3 votes)
    Total votes: 40
  2. Club websites

    Spent some time searching through the various club websites. Bendigo Bombers overhaul of their website is excellent, as is the relaunched Scorpions site. A few club sites are looking pretty tired... Box Hill's in particular. While some of the standard FV hosted sites like Williamstowns and Sandringhams just feel like a template-based website (like vflfooty.com!) For those of you that check out the various club sites, how do you rate them?
  3. Big improvers this season?

    Which clubs will improve sharply this year? There has been a fair bit of talk about Port's recruiting over Summer, but several other clubs have also had some big signings. Werribee have added big men Paul Chambers and Andrew Erickson, but I think they lost Liam Gardiner and possibly Cameron Purss. Bendigo have done well with Skipworth and Cloke. Have they lost anyone significant? The Scorpions have signed Troy Makepeace, but have they had any other significant gains?
  4. Sick Nautner

    Check this out all you Sautner loving fans [url]http://www.vu.edu.au/home/Marketing_and_Communications/Success_Stories/N... Do you like when he says you have to have a balanced personal life, he describes this by saying he plays for Sandy, won 4 flags and goalkicking 6 times! Funny guy!
  5. Tristan Cartledge to the Roosters.

    The Roosters have recruited well in the off season with both Tristan Cartledge and Tom Roach signing on with the Roosters in recent weeks. Both are former AFL players with Tristan coming from Essendon and Tom from Richmond, where his father Michael played.