May 2007


  1. Port Melbourne Vs Tasmania

    So we're back into the real stuff. I haven't seen a side yet, so i'll leave that for the ever reliable Ons to post. As i sit here, i wish i was making the trip over (i also wish i was in Sydney that night too, so great planning on my part) but i'm sure Ons will be in fine voice. Definitely a bounce back game after a disappointing showing against North Ballarat barring the final 15 minutes which saw us almost pinch it. Be interesting to see the ins and outs given the incredible lack of matches for the ones. Despite his 170 goals against Bee's 2nd side, i think Pitty would probably have one
  2. Round 8 - Tasmania v Port Melbourne

    Tasmania vs. Port Melbourne Saturday 2nd June Bellerive Oval at 2:00 PM Tasmania B C. Brown Careless Hansen HB Whish-Wilson Collier Koulouriotis C Moles Hall Ross HF Thurley Westfield Warren F Hale Derbyshire Geappen R Goldstein Stephens Adams Int Delaney Street Ryan O'Sign Cornelius Moran Harding Carins Port Melbourne B Shaw Livingston Pleming HB Obst Baird Nahas C Spriggs Hazell Dwyer HF Cotchett Dukes Rowe F Smith Pitt Milhuissen R Bloomfield Robbins McMahon Int Pinwill Debruin Bonaddio Pearce Langford D.
  3. Old VFA Memorabilia and collectibles.

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew where you could buy any old VFA memorabilia and collectibles? I know a there was a place in Kew, High Street, called "Abracardabra Roycroft" which had a couple of old VFA Recorders from the 1970s. They cost approximately $5 each, this is going back to about 2003-04 and I'm now kicking myself I didn't buy them. Does anyone else know of a place where old VFA stuff can be bought? Cheers, Anthony Brady.
  4. Nick Sautner 200th game.

    :D Nick Sautner plays his 200th VFA/VFL game this Saturday at North Ballarat. Nick is in sizzling form again and tops the goalkicking so far this season. An excellent 9 goals with the VFL representative team who all played very well. Nick has won the goalkicking Frosty Miller award 6 times and played in 5 premierships with the Zebras and also played 2 seasons wih the Dolphins and 1 season with the Northern Bullants. Congratulations Nick Sautner. go zebs zebra :D