March 2008

  1. Practice match - Williamstown v Casey.

    I've been given the ok to re-post this here. [quote="mighty_west"]Good wins by both seniors & ressies. Reserves Williamstown 19.17.131 Casey 11.12.79 Seniors Williamstown 148 Casey 79 Highlights for me, included spekky's from Cloke, and 2 from Callum Urch, both players played well, especially Urch, very lively, kicked quite a few goals, great player, Cloke was very vocal, seemed to be a leader out on the ground, hard at it, put his body on the line a few times. A few of the other Willy listed players did well, Ben Jolley got a lot of the ball, good skills, Brett Johnson was in the th
  2. A couple of old games wanted.

    I was speaking to my grandfather this morning about how I had discovered this website that allows you to download old VFA games through bittorrent. He suggested that I request someone upload the two following games as they are classics:- 1. The GF of Dandenong Vs Pt. Melbourne in the early 70s that had a wild brawl that included HARPER the full back from Pt. Melbourne. 2. The mid 70s GF of Prahran Vs Preston. Names included Kekovich, McGuinness and Pepi. :D
  3. Alex Gilmour is playing for the Devils!!

    This story posted on Gilmour has since changed Gilmour is playing it was on the local tv news a week or two ago - with Creswell commenting that he is playing after thinking about not committing for the year He played against Collingwood on Sat and I will see if he plays against Werribee this week Pretty sure I posted on this at the time!!!