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[quote="burraburger"]Yeah I seen many cases of this when Port were with the Kangaroos. Only difference was Port would pick there team on form and ability and the Kangaroos would not like it. When guys like Moran, McMahon, Harvey were playing VFL 2s it was because they were not playing well enough to earn a senior game and we had better VFL listed players to put in the team. There are many draftees who need time in the VFL reserves and are not up to the standard of VFL seniors..Why should these guys get a game in front of blokes that they are not as good as??[/quote] So true about the draftees needing time to develop in VFL reserves football and just because a player is AFL listed, doesn't mean that they get a walk up spot in a senior line up.
Just found this on the Demonland forums.
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I can't imagine Melbourne as a stand alone vfl team. They would get absolutely flogged. Melbourne supporters are a pack of whingers. If you don't like it demons stand alone. It would be great to see the zebras as a stand alone. Sandringham have had a great vfl list which has helped them over several years. Port Melbourne, Frankston and Sandringham as stand alone would be great. I would actually love to see Williamstown stand alone but the dogs are better than black and white filth. The vfl listed seagulls are getting far more of a run this season than they have since 2000 season.
People who write this sought of stuff have little idea about the VFL, let alone how modern football is played. The positive is that these people won't be spotted at the VFL ruining what is a good day for the rest of us. Sad thing is that Mike Sheehan was going down this line in Tuesday's Herald-Sun.
[quote="zebra"]Of course we have a few ex AFL players ,but not washed up, and can you name one VFL side who doesn't have any? They all have ex AFL players in them only some are better and younger or older but still play for the club and jumper and enjoy getting a kick and winning.[/quote] The Scorps have only two - Steffan Garubba (ex-Sydney) and James Wall (ex-St Kilda). Neither could be described as household names, with a combined total of zero AFL games, whereas most VFL teams will have some ex-AFL "name" players. I'm glad we've got the two we've got.