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Box Hill 2007 B&F Results
100 Games Presentation - Matt Ball Most votes in Liston - Beau Muston Outstanding Service to Club - Russell Firth Best Clubman - Anthony Marguccio Best Team Man - Kristen Height Most Courageous - Ryan Breese Most improved - Rich Eva Seniors Leading Goalkicker - Matt Little Reserves Leading gaolkicker - Kurt Batt Best First Year Player - Rhys O'Sullivan Trainers Award - Cam Pedersen Reserves B&F Winner - Luke Barker (77) Runner-up - Micah Buchanan (75) Seniors B&F Winner - Nick Smith (86) Runner-up - Matthew Ball (63) - in half a season! Josh Thurgood (61) third place.
Any word on their new coach at the night?
[quote="chuggg"]Seniors B&F Winner - Nick Smith (86) [b]Runner-up - Matthew Ball (63) - in half a season![/b] Josh Thurgood (61) third place.[/quote] He's not a bad player is he!!
Hope he comes back!!!! Great stuff Nick Smith, well deserved, good consistant year, asked to play a lot of roles, filling holes down back, rucking and kicking a few goals.