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BREAKING NEWS: Free Admission to State Game
I was listening like I always do to the VFL hour and it was mentioned that thanks to the Herald Sun, [i][b]ADMISSION WILL BE FREE [/b][/i]for the state game. It is also my understanding the teams will be playing for the Herald Sun Cup. Lets hope it is a nice day and get as many people as we can to the game.
Yes, Robbo. Good to see the Herald Sun supporting state footy and more specifically, the VFL. However, I am not the biggest fan of Poulter's VFL articles because they don't give enough recognition to VFL listed players.
Lets hope there's a big crowd, and it leads the Herald Sun to give greater profile to the regular VFL articles.
Hopefully also better recognition of VFL listed players too.
I think the VFL vs. SANFL game in 2005 was played for the Herald Sun Cup also - not sure it has done much for the VFL profile in the paper for the past two years.......but here's hoping hey!!
They have covered the competition, but someone other than Poulter needs to be there covering it in my opinion.
Any news on the VFL is appreciated... People who read the herald sun and check on the VFL are looking to hear about AFL listed players.. Its just where its heading People who attend everyweek know the real truth about this competition and I think a few squad selections show that... Even in the top team Sandy its usually the Sandy FC players putting in 100% everyweek and find the extra yard when the game is on the line.. But the media will still say Pickett returned and had 6 kicks in the seconds Lets hope for a huge crowd and everyone get there early for a Burra Burger
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The HUN needs to start previewing the game earlier than just on game-day. I'd like to see an extra article this Saturday pumping up the state clash. It's a good idea to announce free entry to the game, but without promotion, who is going to know about it?


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I agree with you ONS. The problem with the state game "free entry" promotion is, if they only put the coupon in the paper on the Saturday (it's a coupon cut-out thing for free entry is it?), or don't tell anybody about it til the Saturday, then the following happens. Footy Fan reads paper on Saturday sees free entry to VFL/WAFL game thinks great, BUT has already made plans earlier in the week. If it's promoted through the week, then that allows people to make plans and the media to talk about it. I believe our Station Manager has/will contact the Herald Sun to try and sell them a package to promote that "Free Entry for the State game" this weekend. If we knew about it earlier I would have suggested at that Wednesday VFL Meeting that both ourselves and Casey Radio make a joint package presentation to the Herald-Sun - A two station buy. Possibly 3 stations if SEN1116 jumps on board. We will all have to monitor SEN this week (after the weekend) to see if there is any mention of this. Plus for those registered in AFL Unofficial Footy Forums, I suggest you plug the you know what out of this in those forums - ONCE CONFIRMED by the VFL or the Herald-Sun. Wouldn't it be great to see a packed TEAC Oval for this game?
I agree with everything said and why not make it a joint submission and promote the website as well.
With all the Talk about State of origin resurfacing in the AFL over the last week or so it's a perfect opportunity to promote this one as it still DOES happen. just not at AFL level. I'm sure there are plenty of football lovers who are unaware of this game who would pop in for a gander, particularly with free entry, would love to see a packed port melbourne, must het the word out there. Quite looking forward to this game.