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Possible Function for next season 2008
Since the VFL will not have a team of the century function this year and for the comp's 130th year did not even recognist it I suggest the following should happen in 2008 As next year the code will be 150 years and for the old VFA who will turn 131 years old. Surely they could have a night to celebtate the VFA's 131 years in Aussie Rules 150th year. They could celebrate the different eras They could get a Phil Cleary to interview guests for each era. Hold a function at the Crown Casino Paladium Room. 1877 to 1896 pre VFL era- historian Marc Fiddian 1897 to 1913 pre WW1 era- someone from the AFL as this was the years after the breakaway 1917 to 1941 pre WW2 era- not sure from this era ? 1947 to 1960 Post WW2 era- Frank Johnson and Gerry Monster Callahan 1961 to 1988 Two Divisions era- Fred Cook, Gary Brice, Frosty Miller 1989 to 1999 last of old VFA era- Barry Round 2000 to 2008 current- Current adminstrators Stillman and Schwab They could also review each club from the past 60 years with a short 2 minutes history from each club throughout the night including brief highlights. They could also pick a team from the post WW2 era. Surely this would not be that hard. They are plenty of records from 1945 onwards. They would get a 1000 people to a function like this. No problems. Also show highlights package on the night. There is absolutely no excuses whatsoever by the VFL to not recognise the oldest comp in the 150th year of Australian Rules football.
Read that you got another mention from Paul Amy in Inside Football this week, George. AFL Victoria should listen to you.
The trouble with all this is the AFL is still pretending and promoting that organised Australian Football only started in 1897 when the real VFL was formed. They still find it very hard to accept that the VFA is the origial and OLDEST comp in Australia and the SANFL is not that far behind both being formed in 1877.