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1st SEMI FINAL – Sandringham v North Ballarat
Game day discussion thread.
Lets hope the game is a great contest with the roosters just getting over the line..
I agree with you there Jason. That's even if I have tipped Sandy.
Benny how come you picked sandy then..
I tipped Sandy because I think they will just get over the line or won't flog the Roosters.
Benny have a look at what you have written and get back to me./.
I see where Benny's coming from, he's hoping that's what happens, but feels Sandy will be too good. I don't see anything wrong with that.
Iceman you must be on the the same gear as benny
If you read your line again you will notice you have written. [quote="jasonborough"]Lets [b]hope[/b] the game is a great contest with the roosters just getting over the line..[/quote] Based on this statement, Ben has every right to Tip sandy, yet agree with your statement, as he may also hope that the Roosters can win in a great contest. Had you inserted a Fullstop/made them seperate paragraphs, then I can see exactly where you are coming from. However as you didn't, whether delibirate or not, Bens statement makes perfect sense.
Well done Roosters!!!!!!!! Sandy's reign at the top is over after North Ballarat won by 17 points at Port Melbourne today. North Ballarat 16-14(110) def Sandringham 12-21(93) North Ballarat to play Geelong next week.
[quote="Robbo"]North Ballarat to play Geelong next week.[/quote] And for the second time, two country teams are going to play in Melbourne. :?