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Round 20 what can happen?


Geelong(9-8 8th) vs Collingwood(9-8 7th) at Skilled Stadium 9:40am
Pretty simple equation Winner finishes 7th,Loser finishes 8th

Port Melbourne(12-5 3rd) vs Williamstown(12-5 2nd) at TEAC Oval 1:10pm
Possible rehearsal for qualifying final. Williamstown can still finish top if North Ballarat lose to Sandringham. Willy can't finish lower than 3rd. Port Melbourne can not finish higher than 2nd but could finish as low as 4th depending on how the Bullants go against Frankston.

North Ballarat(13-4 1st) vs Sandringham(7-10 7th) at Eureka Stadium 2pm
North Ballarat win and it is the minor premiership if they lose they can drop to 2nd if Williamstown defeat Port Melbourne. Its Sandy's final game of the season with either a 9th or 10th place finish

Box Hill Hawks(11-6 5th) vs Casey Scorpions(10-7 6th) at Box Hill 2pm
If Box Hill win they can finish as high as 4th if the Bullants lose to Frankston. If Casey win Casey they too could finish as high as 4th if the Bullants lose to Frankston. A loss to either team will mean a 6th place finish.

Frankston(3-14 12th) vs Northern Bullants(11-6 4th) at Frankston 2pm
If the Bullants win they can finish as high as 3rd should Williamstown defeat Port Melbourne. A loss and it will miss the double chance and finish 5th. Frankston's will finish 12th having all ready recorded their worst season in the new VFL(since 2000).

Werribee(7-10 11th) vs Bendigo Bombers(0-17 13th) at Windy Hill 2pm
Neither side can play finals. This represents Bendigo's last chance to win a game this season.

BYE-Coburg Tigers(7-11 10th) Coburg's season is over.

Port Melbourne(5-12 9th) vs Williamstown(14-3 2nd) at TEAC Oval 10:20am
Williamstown can finish top with a win should Casey defeat Box Hill. Can not finish lower than 2nd so will have 1st week of finals off and go straight to Preliminary Finals. This is Port's final game of the season.

North Ballarat(10-7 4th) vs Sandringham(8-8 6th) at Eureka Stadium 11:10am
This is the big reserves game of the weekend. If North Ballarat win they will finish 3rd if they lose they can finish as low as 5th. For Sandy it is all or nothing if they win they finish 6th and make the finals if they lose they have to hope Bendigo Bombers defeat Werribee on Sunday an unlikely outcome. If this happens Sandy will only miss the finals by match ratio because they(along with Bendigo) played one less game than the rest of the teams.

Box Hill Hawks(14-3 1st) vs Casey Scorpions(7-10 8th) at Box Hill 11:10am
A win for Box Hill and they win the minor premiership. A loss they can only finish as low as 2nd if Williamstown def Port Melbourne. Regardless of result they will have a week off and go straight through to the Preliminary Finals. This is Casey's last game of the season.

Frankston(10-7 5th) vs Northern Bullants(5-12 10th) at Frankston 11:10am
A win for the Dolphins and they will finish either 3rd or 4th. A loss and they will remain in 5th. This is the Bullant's final game of the season.

Bendigo Bombers(1-15 11th) vs Werribee(8-9 7th) at Windy Hill 11:10am
Werribee will know going into this game the result from the North Ballarat vs Sandringham game, If North Ballarat have won they will need to defeat Bendigo to make the finals in 6th place. If Sandringham have won they will only be playing for pride. This is Bendigo's last game for the season and who knows maybe their last reserves game ever.

BYE-COBURG TIGERS(11-7 3rd) Coburg will be playing in the finals and can finish anywhere between 3rd and 5th.


You wont get 2% of that information in Mondays HeraldSun.
Should send Robbo the $1.10


Good work Robbo. I think the winners next week will be Geelong, Port Melbourne, North Ballarat, Springvale, Preston and Werribee. These results will give the following final eight:

North Ballarat
Port Melbourne
Box Hill

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Good work Robbo. Great summary.
Better than the afl driven trash in the herald sun.
What's in store tonorrow ? A page spread on Josh Fraser's injury update or Rusling or Rocca ? I hate to think. It's all in black and white.

A couple of pearlers next week in Port v Willy and Box Hill v Casey.
Two great games.


The first week of the finals could be many combinations with next week:


My guesses are that:

Collingwood will beat Geelong
Willy will beat Port
North Ballarat will beat Sandy
Casey will beat Box Hill
Bullants will beat Frankston

with the following final 8:

North Ballarat
Box Hill


North Ballarat v Bullants @ Ballarat
Willy v Port @ Port
Casey v Geelong @ Casey Fields
Box Hill v Collingwood @ Port


If i barracked for Willy and finished 2nd i'd have the shits having to play Port at Port.

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North Ballarat have got a shocking record against the bullants in recent years and would be cheering for the dolphins to upset Preston next week.
It might end up being the 5 v 8 and 6 v 7 at Teac Oval if Williamstown win next week as I think they are due for a home final as they have had a raw deal in the past.
If Port win next week then it is fair enough Port v Williamstown at Teac Oval and most likely the fifth placed team will also be at home. That would be good as the filth will be in eighth spot. Either Box Hill, Preston or Casey at home against the filth to put a nail in their coffin for 2009.


[quote=rooster]If i barracked for Willy and finished 2nd i'd have the shits having to play Port at Port.[/quote]

There is a big push by the VFL for a final at Box Hill & you would not have to be Mandrake to suspect where that is coming from. !

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


The bullants would need a big win over Frankston to finish 3rd if Port lose. They need to make up 8% which is roughly about 12 goals.

Does anyone know the finals set up this year??? The first 2 qualifying finals have been at Port Melb in recent seasons regardless of who is playing. The VFL have not played finals at other grounds for quite a while. They seem to like Port as the premier finals venue.


As I have said previously it has been done on a best fit basis. Port Melbourne will almost certainly play at TEAC Oval in first week of the finals. Rumour has it North Ballarat will host one. possibly looking at a game at either Box Hill or Casey for other final away from Port Melbourne.


So we wont know until this round has been played.