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VFL 2012 TV Ratings

Thanks to Mediaweek Australia

Round 1 - Coburg v Northern Blues: 30K
Round 2 - Port Melbourne v Werribee: 28K
Round 3 - Collingwood v North Ballarat: 37K
Round 4 - North Ballarat v Williamstown: 24K
Round 5 - Box Hill v Collingwood: 33K
Round 6 - Collingwood v Sandringham: N/A
Round 7 - Port Melbourne v Williamstown: 45K
Round 8 - Box Hill v Casey: 28K
Round 9 - Werribee v Northern Blues: 43K
Round 10 - Bendigo v Williamstown: 44K
Round 11 - Williamstown v Box Hill: 46K
Round 12 - Port Melbourne v Coburg: 47K
Round 13 - Sandringham vs Casey Scorpions: 26K
Round 14 - Port Melbourne v Sandringham: 31K
Round 15 - Geelong v Box Hill: 34K
Round 16 - Bendigo v Casey: 25K

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Are these numbers healthy ?


[quote=blackrocker]Are these numbers healthy ?[/quote]

I don't know what is considered "healthy". However, they look very good compared to the SANFL and WAFL who had 16k and 6k yesterday respectively. The Shute shield had 26K yesterday.


They are most likely less than they were a few years ago when the comp was the VFA I think I heard Phil Cleary say around 80 - 100,000 back then but when you look at the figures compared to the other two usually arrogant States they are reasonable.

When Ch 10 had the sunday games to themselves they were getting 100,000 to 200,000 the sad thing is the VFA for whatever reason never really took advantage of that level of support.


[quote=blackrocker]Are these numbers healthy ?[/quote]

The ratings are measured in the metropolitan area only.
No country figures are taken into consideration.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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No more Collingwood games thanks. TV ratings could also depend on what's on each Saturday in and around Melbourne and the weather of course. Does a cold wet rainy day keep people indoors and give the ratings a boost ?
Very rarely I will be at home and watch the VFL. I am normally at a game somewhere. Will tape it either the Saturday or the following Wednesday morning and watch the replay.
Yet to watch the replay of the SANFL or WAFL this year as yet but will do so from this week.
Will of course check the results beforehand and see if the game was worth watching.


Box Hill v Casey should be ok this week.


Let's be honest, the biggest issue for the ABC now is that Fox Footy have live AFL games at 1.45pm (yesterday was Geelong v Melbourne) and 2pm (yesterday was Essendon v Brisbane). You're average footy fan at home with neutral interest will watch the AFL ahead of the VFL.

What is interesting is the TV guide for next Saturday has the VFL from 1pm-3.55pm. Seems they are planning to chop the coverage off five minutes early? Good luck!

I don't like the 1.10pm starts for the VFL, but if the ABC is going to get reasonable numbers with the AFL situation nowadays perhaps the VFL TV game would be better starting at Noon on a Saturday, or alternatively try and switch coverage to a Sunday. The AFL game on a Sunday at 1.10pm normally involves an interstate side and the "afternoon" AFL game doesn't start until 3.15pm. The VFL have more of a chance for a free hit on a Sunday arvo....Saturday's are now too crowded.


what would you guys think if ABC Match of the day started at 12pm sharp then have the reserves game after seniors ?

they did this in 1989 port v willy game because of the world cup rugby

this could be an option for the vfl to look at will beat the AFL as everyone who loves footy would have a nice lead in before any AFL hits the screen

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Could be the way to go a midday clash. The ABC might get a few more tuning in. The finals should start at 2pm but maybe the home and away games could start earlier.
The could trial it next year and see how they go.


I still reckon Sunday is the better option as there are less people shopping and working but I think I read somewhere the ABC try to reserve Sundays for Arts type programmes.Another option would be to switch games to ABC 2 on sundays.

As a bit of a history buff I find it interesting that ABC TV which was the first to televise the VFA live in 1957 on Sat arvos is back to where it all started 55 years ago!