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I think the qualifying rules are ok, but the grey area is when a senior team (be that AFL or VFL as the rules are the same for devt league finals) is still in the finals but misses a week because they have already progressed.

I personally think they should be able to pick from their entire list in that situation, because their priority is the senior team and they aren't likely to stack the VFL/devt team for the sake of it and jeopardise that player(s) for the next week's senior final.

You could put some sort of caveat in there, eg maximum of x players who played seniors the week before, but the qualification rules should only apply to teams whose AFL or VFL senior team (in case of devt league) is out altogether.

In this case, however, every club has known the rules from the start of the season and there is no way McEvoy should be permitted to play.

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They should make the rules and stick with them. If a player does not qualify then BAD LUCK. No AFL team has a right to play a player so he can gain match practice and bend rules when he is not qualified.

Williamstown play Box Hill in the reserves GF yet again this year. They are building quite a rivalry. Crying shame that the reserves GF is played on the Saturday and Box Hill v Williamstown Prelim is on Sunday.

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Agree with you vfa,with Box Hill and Williamstown playing in the development league grand final and senior prelim final on the same weekend these games should be played on the same day.

On the other issue the VFL finals rules regarding AFL-listed players may need revisiting over the pre-season and some rules adjusted.


I know it's recent tradition to have the ressies GF on the Saturday but surely common sense could have prevailed here?


Plenty of sense in your post Paul - just disagree with the last line as the rules say you can play if given permission by AFLVIC and they have been given permission so no rule broken -just common sense. As I said Cegalr won't play but could as qualified so evens out I think. The qualifying is 6 games, McEvoy has played 5 and if the game was this weekend instead of next then he would have played. BH should not be disadvantaged by having affiliate in AFL finals.
VFA - they have made the rules and they are sticking to them. The discretion of the VFL will decide and they have. No rules have been broken here. It's in black and white. Hopefully both teams can just concentrate on the footy now. Don't think it will help Willy focusing on this issue. Waste of time.


I disagree Polar, there should not be exemptions given, the rules should be agreed upon before the season and stuck to. If change is needed, do it in the off-season.


They are mate! The rule says it's up to aflvic disrection. They have been agreed upon by all clubs!


Rules are there for a can't have it both ways..stand alone clubs should not be disadvantaged. If McEvoy had been playing well then he would've had nothing to worry about.



Ask the VFL for rule 20.8 guys. Rules are rules! Therefore he can play. It talks about qualification but also says it's up to GM discretion. I'm not making this up guys. Rules are rules and it's in there. Email VFL and ask them about it. Therefore on all your points rules are rules and he can play as they have passed it!!!
As I said , don't think willy should be too worried. Didn't have their development premiership taken off them or left out of Foxtel cup even though cheated in 2013! Thought the port supporters might actually agree with me here! Haha


Even with the discretion clause, this is hardly exceptional circumstances, and similar appeals in the past have been knocked back. I can't see any grounds for allowing him to play if he hasn't qualified.