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Frankston's VFL licence TERMINATED!

Paul Amy tweeted around 5pm this afternoon the following news...


Breaking: Frankston Football Club administrator says AFL Victoria this morning 'terminated' the club's VFL licence. Stunning development.



Then followed up with this story...

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Disgraceful decision. Think I might start to more local footy next year and a lot less of the VFL. Disgraceful decision !!!!

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Disgraceful decision.  Not sure waht happens now.

The dolphins in recess, a season in the MPNFL, a white knight helps out or just simply folds.

The old VFA is now a shambles. If it wasn't for Williamstown, Port Melbourne and Coburg I would not bother.

Might be a new name for the comp. DFL (Discrageful Football league). Not happy !!!! 


What a terrible bloody shame. Feels like a death in the family.

Just another nail in the VFL coffin.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Despicable. There doesn't seem to have been any opportunity to seek support.


what purpose does it serve Port Melbourne, Williamstown and North Ballarat to play in the AFL reserves?

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The afl would not give two hoots yet spends millions for great waste of space gws. Not keen on vfl footy or reserves. Thank god for williamstown, port melbourne, coburg and north ballarat. Off to watch storm on sunday in the nrl gf. Stuff afl reserves. Rip vfa and rip frankston. Not happy !!!!!!

Arj the Paparazzi
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You do realise that there are like 40 state league teams around the country yeah?

It's not like Frankston only needed 100k to reboot.

Ron Burger
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Very sad indeed. 


As another VFA club goes to the wall, only 3 remain.

i have to agree, the writing was on the wall many months, if not years, ago.

Now there's a huge vacuum for elite football on the Peninsula, with the St Kilda/Sandringham deal limiting further the scope for VFL aspirants in the south/south east. 

Hopefully some will chance their arm in the inner north with a club living well within its means.....

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We have not heard anything from the frankston side of it in response. Do they just give up and fold after 50 years ? I would not think so. It might be the easy way but can't see bryan mace and co give up. Ron gauci was hired to do a job. Will he just give up or have plan b? Vfl have terminated the license, they have not folded. What are the options ? In recess and work out of debt, appeal to have the license back, a white Knight bails them out, play in the lower league and keep the club going while getting slowly out of debt or simply fold?


Having been a volunteer at the Dolphins for 11 years, I am shattered at today's decision.

The club and the administrators had plans in place but have been blindsided by AFL Victoria's decision.


Thursday Night will be a sombre night.


if I was a player or supporter at Coburg,North Ballarat,Williamstown and Port Melbourne watch out as the AFL will be after your club sooner rather than later.



We are still waiting for a statement from AFL Victoria, we found out thru twitter


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I have just read the article properly. Disgraceful decision. I am lost for words. For me only vfl games i will attend will have to have at least a williamstown, port, coburg or north ballarat playing. Rest of teams forget it.