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2017 VFL Tipping Comp

Haven't heard from George 'VFA' Paras, but I'm sure he is not too far away from launching his famous tipping competition.

If you haven't been involved, make sure you get on board, with weekly prizes along with the overall tipping it has plenty to keep you interested throughout the season.

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Thanks fior the reminder North Port. Yes tipping back on for the 2017 VFL season which will mark the 18th season of VFL tips.

I will send the emails out in next day or two. Will start the tips the folllowing week as there is only one game this weekend.  

Once I have sent the emails out I will post details of the VFL tipping comp on here as well.

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Yeah good call about starting them next week as we all know who will win this weeks game. I believe I am the 1st one paid up for the season as I paid in the 2nd quarter of last years Elimination final.

37 times Grand finalists
16 times premiers
21 times runners up - THE MIGHTY BOROUGH!

I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Already marked as mega paid up. Number one ticket holder.

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VFL Tipping comp 2017

The VFL tipping returns for the 18th season.
Although there is one game on this weekend between Port Melbourne v Northern Blues the tipping comp will start next week.
Reminder will be sent early next week and the normal Friday reminder will be sent next Thursday due to Easter next weekend.
Cost $20 for the season.

Prizes based on 100 tipsters are as follows :
100 x 20 = 2000

1st $560
2nd $280
3rd $150

Pick the card for 19 rounds (19 x 30 = $570)
If no tipster picks all winners it will jackpot to the following week. If more than one tipster picks seven, the tipster nearest the aggregate score for the abc game will collect.

Aggregate score for the Ch7 games
Tipster nearest the aggregate score for the Ch7 match of the day will collect $40 For rounds 1/2/3/5/7/9/11/13/15/17/19
11 x 40 = $440
Naturally the prize money will increase with more tipsters.

I will send a reminder each Friday with my kiss of death tips.
Each Tuesday or Wednesday I will send the results which will include the spreadsheet with the tipsters tally as well as the weekly wrap with scores and ladders.
This will also be published on this site.
If you know any others that maybe interested please forward this email on.
The more the merrier.

Good luck to all tipsters
VFA George

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Previous winners of VFL tipping comp
2016 1ST Butts 95, 2ND Paul Amy 93, eq 3RD Rockford, Sammy 92
2015 1ST Parry 103, eq Fitzy, Gibbo 99
2014 1ST Greg Thompson 106, eq Keith Lumley, Sheeds 105
2013 1st Paul Amy 91, eq 2nd Fitzy, Macca 90
2012 1st Tongue 83, Greg Thompson 82, Chris Tetzner 81
2011 1st Filesy (Rockford) 95, George 94, Parry 93
2010 1st Daniel Bourne 97, eq 2nd Rick Dennis, Bobby Borough 95
2009 1st Don 87, eq 2nd Digs, Daniel Bourne 85
2008 1st George 104, Kain Pollard 101, eq 3rd Vaughan, Keith Lumley, Paul Saints, Con Milonas 100
2007 1st Mudassar 82, eq 2nd Blackrocker, Beachy 81
2006 1st eq 1st Macca, Zebraman, Shane Ryan 86
2005 1st eq 1st Footyman, Sheeds 77, eq 3rd Darren Pace, Rick Dennis 76
2004 1st Jim 84, eq 2nd Doug, Trent 81
2003 1st Gibbo 79, eq 2nd Jim, Bananaman 78
2002 1st Sheeds 117, 2nd Don 110, eq 3rd Jeff Smith, Filesy 109
2001 eq 1st Hoffo, Sheeds 110, 3rd Ashtray Dave 109
2000 1st Filesy 118, 2nd Tim Donovan113, 3rd Hoffo 112

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Burraburger v station hotel who is the better tipster ?? Burraburger has beaten station hote in last 2 years by one tip. Will he get a hatrick over statipn hotel or will it be third time lucky ?? Sportsbet has burraburger $1.40 and station hotel $2.10