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VFL R5 - Coburg v Sandringham

Round 5 - 14/05/2017
Piranha Park


B: 5. R. Exon, 22. D. Wyatt, 4. K. Posar

HB: 38. D. Aujla, 25. T. Cleary, 9. N. Blair

C: 1. B.  Allan, 2. P.  Lawlor, 21. N.  Dodge

HF: 11. B. Mullane, 12. P. McEvoy, 3. H. Kerbatieh

F: 18. M. Merlo, 29. T. Goodwin, 15. J. Iacobaccio

R: 41. M. Kovacevic, 26. L. Hunt, 8. N. Mellington

Int: 35. C. Holdsworth, 28. C. Byrne, 14. M. Ercolano, 34. T. Curtis, 32. R. Schraven, 37. J. Corigliano, 24. Z. Wunhym, 13. T. Wallis

23P: 42. H. Blythe

In: R. Schraven, C. Byrne, Z. Wunhym, M. Kovacevic, M. Merlo, C. Holdsworth
Out: S. Gregory,  M. Orr


B: 75. B. Rice, 61. D. Joyce, 65. B. White

HB: 62. R. Connellan, 37. H. Goddard, 80. S. Savage

C: 39. E.  Phillips, 41. D.  Minchington, 63. N.  O'Kearney

HF: 2. K. Answerth, 77. R. Marshall, 33. N. Freeman

F: 34. B. Long, 67. P. McCartin, 76. N. Wright

R: 69. J. Holmes, 84. L. Dunstan, 64. B. Acres

Int: 78. J. Baker-Thomas, 32. J. Lonie, 71. L. Pierce, 1. D. Weickhardt, 16. M. Hayes, 70. D. McKenzie, 73. N. Coughlan, 9. M. Cook, 87. S. Gilbert

23P: 8. T. Thompson

In: L. Pierce, B. Acres, S. Gilbert, D. Minchington, J. Baker-Thomas, M. Hayes, N. Wright
Out: T. Hickey, E. Le Grice

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Coburg to win this game in upset. Zebras average last week and coburg would be very determined to get on winners board. Playing at home reckon they can win providing they get a decent start.

Ron Burger
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You've got one thing right - it'll be an upset if we win.

It would be on the back of 10, 11, and 15 goal losses, and against a team which has won 3 of their first 4. Sandringham talls will stretch us enormously.

Fingers and toes crossed. 

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Ronny a big start is very vital and at least puts pressure on opposition and don't have to play catch up footy. Not sure what odds coburg is but should be at least $7. Will check odds

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Surprise coburg only $4 with sandy $1.25 not sure if that is a good sign or coburg are just unders. Could be a good sign especially game at coburg. Reckon coburg matches up ok against the zebras.


Sandy finally win a last quarter to scrap home

Sandy 15-10(100) def Coburg 14-5(89)

Ron Burger
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A far improved effort from the lads today, but getting run over in the last is heart breaking. 

Hard to see where the first win is coming from at the moment.