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2017 - 2nd Preliminary Final - Box Hill v Richmond


2nd Preliminary Final – 16/09/2017


Fortburn Stadium

Box Hill Hawks

B: 64. C. Glass, 34. K. Heatherley, 5. M. Warren

HB: 10. W. Hams, 1. D. Mirra, 35. H. Morrison

C: 7. A.  Brolic, 61. B.  Whitecross, 70. D.  Willsmore

HF: 3. W. Murphy, 21. J. Fisher, 40. K. Stewart

F: 41. O. Hanrahan, 62. C. Nash, 42. T. Miles

R: 72. M. Pittonet, 2. A. Moore, 63. J. O’Rourke

Int: 8. A. Bond, 28. L. Cox, 13. N. Evans, 17. A. Kennedy, 11. B. Kilpatrick, 45. N. Lane, 4. M. O’Donnell, 23. J. Walker

23P: 51. V. Adduci


In: L. Cox, B. Kilpatrick, A. Kennedy, N. Lane, A. Bond

Out: T. Vickery




B: 11. J. Batchelor, 53. H. Beasley, 42. R. Garthwaite

HB: 28. T. Hunt, 51. S. Darley, 15. J. Short

C: 31. O.  Markov, 29. S.  Bolton, 37. C.  Menadue

HF: 32. C. Ellis, 27. S. Lloyd, 38. S. Morris

F: 36. C. Moore, 24. B. Griffiths, 44. T. Stengle

R: 16. S. Hampson, 7. B. Lennon, 26. A. Miles

Int: 54. J. Ballard, 41. M. Chol, 78. D. Coffield, 30. R. Conca, 20. I. Maric, 64. T. Silvestro, 47. I. Soldo, 57. B. Wood

23P: 69. S. Mannagh


In: T. Silvestro, I. Maric, D. Coffield, B. Wood


Go Tigers!

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Looks like a wet saturday. Plenty of rain predicted tonight as well. Tigers have a good team in but so does box hill. Will the tigers momentum roll on or will Box Hill upset the applecart with a week off and being fresher help them get over the line ? Tigers forward line and crumbers look very strong but box hills defence might be more stingier than Collingwood and casey. Won't be as high scoring and free flowing of goals as last 2 weeks. Will be watching my old team Richmond central reserves team in gf on Saturday so won't be at this game. Worth noting the winner of this game on a heavy 10 track will then have to front up to Docklands a complete different kettle of fish. They do however have an extra days break but the winner of Williamstown v Port might not be as taxing as the weather will be a bit drier Sunday. Any odds on the weekends Prelinminary Finals ? Reckon Willy maybe $1.50 favourite and Richmond $1.70 favourite at a geuss ?

Wally from Will...
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The weather for today's game is not as dire as predicted, nice and sunny here in Willi with just a gentle zephyr blowing 

Wally from Will...
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OMG, the Tiges look awesome, huge crowd

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Box Hill being dominated .. Yes Wally, Richmond looking pretty polished.


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Richmond will be winx odds in gf ?


Great news for the VFL GF the Tiger Army will be up and about next sunday esp if the seniors are also in a GF.

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Largest crowd I've seen at North Port since 1997 Grand final. I had to queue for a leak at half time.

Wally from Will...
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Whoever wins tomorrow's game will be up against it in the GF, Richmond had 19 AFL-listed players available, which sometimes means nothing, but they are playing VERY well with the added incentive of a possible AFL call-up in the event of an injury or suspension, similar to Footscray last year in the VFL 


Wally and a lot of those AFL players are very experianced and used to big games and crowds and it showed today against an undermanned Box Hill/Hawthorn seconds team.

Just on the crowd, a lot more could have fitted in.Oh for the old VFA  Sunday matches when Port would get that size crowd and bigger for H&A games.North Port Oval Crowd capacity wise NPO was also a lot bigger then.The crowd today was probibly about 5000 max

The crowd next week has to get to 24,000 to beat the last big VFA GF crowd of 23,272 in 1989 Coburg V Williamstown at Windy Hill.

The next biggest VFA GF was the 1977 Port V Sandy one that got just under 30,000 at the Junction Oval

Who ever plays Richmond next week their supporters will be outnumbered by a long way by Tiger fans