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Port Melbourne women's recruitment

For the clubs inaugural season in Women's Australian Rules, we haven't heard much with regards to the list at this stage.

Any word on numbers? I'm assuming that training will resume in the coming week.

Will the club have different sponsors for the women's side?

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Regarding numbers I have been told that theirs plenty of room for improvement in that area. Hasn't been a overwhelming success or anything close to that.

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What comp will they play in? Hopefully we get a VFL license in a year or two!

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I believe its the SE league:


Got to remember Port Melbounre are playing second tier foottball and whilst I understand promotion brings people to websites and facebook pages etc the standard of the SEWFL is a long way from VFLW and as such much of the focus has been on getting the structure in place off field to ensure the club is ready to compete in the VFLW at some stage.

Numbers at training have been around 20-25 a session, numbers at the talent day were average but it was postponed due to weather and was an indication of how difficult it is for the stand-alone clubs to compete with the AFL clubs as those days tend to get hundreds of applications with the AFL club then selecting 100 or so to do the testing.

As for the prospects of the team, Port Colts didn't win a game in 2017 in SEWFL and a few of the leading players from that team have gone to play VFLW for Williamstown. A couple of the new girls show a bit and I'm sure the team will be more than capable of holding their own this year.

Given that many AFLW players compete in the VFLW it's very difficult for a new stand-alone team to just come in and be competitive from year 1. Unless Williamstown are able to recruit a few quality AFLW players and I don't see the AFL clubs allowing that, it will be tough for them but it is good that the girls are being introduced to a club outside of the AFL system. Unfortunantly many girls think only an AFL club can help them get to AFLW and as we know in the men's game most players get drafted from the VFL from the stand-alone clubs.

Currently the VFLW players aren't paid so many of the girls take the view that if possible they want to play in a side that is established and likely to be up near the top of the ladder. Box Hill-Hawthorn found that out last year, they did ok winning a couple of games with the list they had but many girls wouldn't even think of playing for them given they were expected to be a bottom team.

Given AFLW expands soon you'd hope that the season would be longer and the those players wouldn't play in the VFLW from 2019.



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Thanks for the update Bullants.. Yes Port Melbourne's women's side has a tough task ahead of it to make a case for promotion to the VFLW level football.  A new side I understand, but some heavy losses show how far the club has to improve and that it may be a 3 to 5 year proposition to build the women's side up.