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I think we all need to move on, the old VFA is never coming back in any form. It look the VFL/AFL 100+ years to destroy the  mother of football in Victoria but the facts are it is well and truly over and the enemy won.

As a former VFA fanatic/Sandringham supporter I say this with a heavy heart but its a fact and nothing will change it and yes I will still be   interested in the Zebras while they play at Beach Road Oval and wear the Sandringham colours.

My own club is becoming part of the collertral damage and unfortunately like any sort of death you have to move on.

Dont get me wrong I still love my footy be it AFL (I dont follow any team because I never did) or local clubs because Ive always loved the game but dreaming of the VFA glory days coming again is just that a dream but Im glad I lived through all of it and saw all 10 of the Sandy preimerships..

For what its worth the AFL for all is faults is doing a great job in promoting Our Game to the rest of Australia and cementing Australian Football as #1 football code in the Nation by a country mile.

The AFLW/AFLX is helping to drive a stake in both mens and womens soccer during their season and as soccer is the one threat that could effect the future of our game it is good tactics.Already we see the A  League that was touted as to being #1 football code very soon is struggling with an average of only 10,600 this season ad terrible TV ratings.

The stupid arrogant RL mob from Sydney also think they will become #1 but they also have no hope with Australian Football eating into their suppoesed heartland

Sorry vfaThe Storm has also proven to be a toothless tiger with their current support not much better than when they started 20 years ago if they were as popular in Melbourne like the Swans are in Sydney they should be getting a full house at the purpose built 30,000 AAMI Park every match but they dont.

As I said at the beginning I dont support any other football code just our wonderful game.


Great thoughts Billy.

Unfortunately all correct.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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You may be right - It may never be the same as before but its not all doom and gloom. Williamstown, Frankston and Port Melbourne attracted record memebrship numbers, attendances at Port Melbourne games are up from the previous season - sure attendances may not be what the 60's were but if it is dying, then it appears to be a slow death. Crowds overall seem to be steady the past few years and it is far from being a football league that only family and friends attend.

Channel 7 coming on board has lifted public interest with ratings spiking. One would hope that all clubs can continue to grow their fan base.

One of the problems is that it is hard to monitor how the league is doing as unlike the SANFL and WAFL attendances are not published however their are signs there that the league is increasing in public interest, albeit very slowly and slightly.





Sorry to disagree but even 1000 members at say $100 each is about enough money to run a club for a week and you dont have to be blind freddie to see the crowds are pathetic at most games and about half what local junior leagues get.

Lets say best case scenario for crowds is 2000 per game x 15 dollars  x 10 home  games gets only $300,000 and no VFL standalone club can be run on the figure and Im being generous with the crowd figure

Take the pokies money away from Port and Willy and they wouldnt last a season in the VFL and the AFL knows it -  did they offer to help Port financially last year NO? the AFL dont care if all the ex VFA clubs fall over..

The only reason the VFL/AFL reserves are on CH 7 is because the AFL wants it on to showcase their reverves teams and they also get the best ratings and finals crowds.

If  Frankston, Werribee and Coburg dont perform on the field due to lack of money to attract decent players because most can get better money from cashed up locals clubs  they will  be in trouble very quickly

You can put your head in the sand and deny that the ex VFA  clubs in the VFL are  in trouble in its present form and just maybe Port and Williamstown will survive due to their stronger financial positions but the facts tell another story for the rest of the non AFL clubs.

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Yeah zero interest in aflx for me as well.

I used to really look forward to the footy season starting.. Now it just seems to drift along.. AFL, AFLX, NAB Cup and then the season starts. One of the best things about footy is the build up.. It feels way to drawn out now.

Agree with the money poured in to garbage like the AFLX. Massive waste of time and money. I understand its to promote the game outside of Australia where footy grounds don't exist and the game can be played on soccer pitches, but maybe just promote that overseas.. Not here. Just leave the game alone. They can't help themselves but tinker.

You keep making changes to the game and then the magic is gone.

Roll on VFL season. I need some real entertainment!