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2018 VFL - R2 - Frankston v Box Hill


Round 2 – 14/04/2018


SkyBus Stadium


B: 22. J. Batchelor, 39. S. Masterson, 33. J. McHale

HB: 10. T. Grace, 23. D. Wyatt, 30. K. Gray

C: 2. M.  La Fontaine, 5. W.  Fordham, 11. B.  Mullane

HF: 12. S. Fowler, 18. N. Gardiner, 20. N. Scagliarini

F: 8. A. Ferreira, 15. A. Jarnestrom, 6. L. Williams

R: 1. L. Pierce, 3. C. Rich, 17. A. Harnett

Int: 26. M. DeWit, 50. K. Downie, 29. L. Edmondson, 28. L. Gill-Renouf, 37. P. Lewis-Smith, 13. J. Lovett, 45. K. Lylak, 9. A. Wilson

23P: 14. S. Williams


In: K. Lylak, L. Gill-Renouf, J. Lovett, K. Downie, M. DeWit

Out: J. Woodman



Box Hill Hawks

B: 42. T. Miles, 59. K. Brand, 35. H. Morrison

HB: 62. R. Burton, 32. D. Mirra, 50. D. Willsmore

C: 60. K.  Lovell, 63. D.  Howe, 52. J.  O’Rourke

HF: 58. W. Langford, 45. C. Nash, 51. B. Whitecross

F: 36. D. Moore, 39. M. Lewis, 38. J. Worpel

R: 56. M. Pittonet, 46. J. Cousins, Unknown. J. O’Meara

Int: 8. V. Adduci, 7. A. Brolic, 9. B. Evans, 13. N. Evans, 10. W. Hams, 6. S. Horner, 18. L. Jeffs,

11. B. Kilpatrick, 1. L. Mackie, 3. W. Murphy, 4. M. O’Donnell, 21. L. Walker

23P: 17. T. Maloney


In: B. Kilpatrick, W. Langford, R. Burton, S. Horner, J. O’Meara, D. Howe, L. Mackie, H. Morrison, K. Brand, B. Evans, L. Jeffs, 1. Adduci, L. Walker

Out: K. Heatherley, J. Ross, O. Hanrahan, C. Glass, H. Jones


Frankston   0.1  7.6  7.6  9.10 (64)
Box Hill Hawks   4.6  6.6  12.18  14.19 (103)

Frankston: Williams 2 Rich 2 Fordham  La Fontaine  Jarnestrom  McCarthy  Mullane 
Box Hill Hawks: Murphy 4 Lewis 3 Burton 2 Kilpatrick  Cousins  Evans  Brolic  Nash 

Frankston: Rich Jarnestrom Fordham Batchelor Pierce Lovett
Box Hill Hawks: Cousins Burton Evans Brolic Hams Lewis

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4.2 against the wind and 19.27 with the breeze. Windy and trying conditions. Much improved effort from the dolphins.

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Much improved Dolphins yesterday. Very even first half but their pressure fell away in the second half of the third quarter to let Box Hill get away to a match winning break. Fought it out to the end and won the laster quarter, but final margin of 39 points probably a bit flattering with Box Hill kicking 19 behinds, a lot of which were easy misses especially in the 3rd quarter even in the strong wind. But, at the end of the day a really good effort. A couple of oustanding passages of play to get goals showed there is some class there.

Batchelor was very very good all day, and a couple of ex Stringrays, Jack McHale and Jake Lovett have class stamped all over them. Mitch McCarthy did some good things in his debut, but looked a bit rusty and will be better for the hitout. Looks like he will be used as a forward and his height will be valuable in an otherwise very small forward line.

There was a female field umpire yesterday and have to say she was very good. Didnt miss a beat all day and was easily the pick of the umpies for mine. Accoring to the Record her name is Annie Mirabile. Good job Annie...yes

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Chilly wind off the bay all day, with occasional showers.  I opted for shelter of  the grandstand . The Dolphins had a good second quarter. Box Hill's big menwere too strong. Not many spectators braved the open, most went for the grandstand or the social club.  The hill crew was down on numbers; the brass section of the orchestra was absent and left the music making to the lone percussionist


Hill crew always depleted on Saturdays unfortunately. From a distance looks like a heartening performance from the Dolphins. First year back and unable to get many returning players it was always going to be tough, so producing signficant patches of competitive footy this early in the season is a good sign.


For the life of me I don't understand why Frankstons first two home games were scheduled on a Saturday?

Don't clubs submit their wish list as to who they prefer to play home or away and on which days?

If anyone knows the rationale i"d love to hear it

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Frankston should request as many Sunday matches as possible. Saturday is not ideal at all especially with so many peninsula clubs playing on a Saturday.

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R1. Frankston v Essendon on Sat, Essendon AFL played on Sunday
R2 Frankston v Box Hill on Sat, AFL. Hawthorn play on Sunday.
Maybe the scheduling is for the convenience of the A league clubvs so they don't have spread their resources over 2 location

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Maybe the oval was booked for something on the Sunday? Whatever the reason its cost the club plenty. Only 2 more Sat home games. Round 5 and Round 21.

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David mirra playing with hawthorn today and doing ok. Not out of place at mcg. Fritsch from casey playing with Melbourne. Has played a couple already for demons. Hope mihocek gets a game with Collingwood at some stage this season. Frankston have some home games in next few weeks against Coburg and Carlton seconds which could result in wins. Been a long time since a dolphin win.