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AFL Mid season rookie Draft 2019


Another kick in nuts for the state league clubs. Clubs liable to lose their best player during the year which can affect premiership chances etc...

Another issue is its possible a drafted player might end up playing against his State League Club. As I understand it, if knackers was drafted from Coburg to Essendon he then plays for the Bombers until/if  he gets a senior callup. That would be hard to cop....

Also havent heard how/if the club is compensated for the loss of their best player...


This decision might be great for the AFL clubs but State Leagues and lower will be the loser.  But as we often bemoan.....who in the AFL (or even AFL Vic) cares?  The top clubs will be the targets......and there has been no mention of compensation or protection.


Another example of demeaning the State Leagues.

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Can already see us having a Lentini ripped off us in this fashion mid season

We'll thrill 'em

We'll kill 'em

We'll tear 'em in two


Andy Collins idea of the rookied players being unable to play against their former club has some merit.

It would give players such as Goodwin an opportunity to get a chance that he has never had before.

A far better ruckman than half of the overrated duds around at the moment..

Be interested in the term "Mid Season" where & when it starts & finishes. !!






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Terrible idea. However if a player gets recruited in mid season draft he MUST PLAY FOR HIS ORIGINAL VFL CLUB. There are no ifs and buts about this. I would also want the vfl club get compensated. They build a team and all of a sudden their season might be derailed because of this mid season draft. The afl are trying hard to destroy country and metro footy and now have state league clubs seething.