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2019 Fixture out today...New sponsor - HardYakka / Totally Workwear.


Happy with Frankston’s Fixture except for no TV game at SkyBus Stadium how are we suppose to attract and keep sponsors without exposure

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I'm happy with Port Melbourne's fixture too. Still got the home games with a good run off games at home in the lead up to finals.

Is the three byes new to 2019? I'm trying to work out why that has been included.

What's the go with State rep footy? 

I am working so haven't had the chance to check, but who has the most curtain raiser fixtures? 



AFL Victoria ruined state league footy in 2016 and have choosen no longer to participate 

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Coburg's take on the VFL fixture.



Table of TV Games

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I suppose we should be greatfull that we have some tv coverage but I think I would have prefered to have the traditional VFA clubs covered abit more and reason being is because Frankston, Werribee, Coburg, Port, Willy all need the coverage more so than Box Hill, Essendon, Carlton etc etc - As Robbo said - being seen by over 50,000 people weekly helps attract sponsors and fans and I think Frankstons a little hard done by to not have a home game considering that Skybus stadium probably has the best atmosphere in the comp..

As for the coverage - I thought #7 got it right when they covered games last year at 2 p.m. - something that sat well with the fans. This year they have reverted many games back to the midday timeslot which can't be great for ratings or gettings fans through the gates. Some weeks their is no coverage - for example the last round when you need coverage the most to get pubic interest before the finals has no coverage - so fans don't see VFL on the tv in the last round and all of a sudden its finals time.

A bit of variety on game times with some night fixtures, will be interesting to see if the public get behind Williamstowns opening game of the season which is a night game. Good to see clubs try something new.


A lot of negatives in my post - just stating it the way I see it - One positive I will say though is that the traditional VFA clubs all have 10 home games which is a great initiative. One wonders how much this decision was influenced by the AFL seconds viewing hosting games as a burden and not really wanting to play home as they view it as a nothing competition that they only use to polish up and develop first team players.

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Frankston should be very happy...10 home games and all on Sundays. An away TV game is better than nothing, and being against Coburg it should be a competitive game. Better than playing at home on TV against Willy or Box Hill and getting slaughtered?


"This year they have reverted many games back to the midday timeslot which can't be great for ratings."

It's actually much better for ratings, as it runs from the Sunday morning AFL show into the Sunday afternoon AFL game, meaning a lot more footy fans are tuning in at around that time. There's also less competition from AFL games on Fox, so it is a good timeslot from that point of view, even if far from perfect for fans who are going to the game.

The other thing of note is how many of the broadcast games are AFL curtain raisers, which is obviously a cost-saving measure with cameras etc already in place. It is very disappointing to see so little of Port and Werribee on TV, those two will be very competitive and produce physical, meaningful games. 

Frankston and Coburg obviously don't get much because they haven't shown they can be competitive, but it is a shame the VFL haven't given the Dolphs a home TV game, those are very important for showing off your club and giving extra reward to sponsors. There are still some holes to fill, so hopefully they are one of the games that's added later.


There are 2 Rounds where games are not picked. Round 21 Where Dolphins like most teams have a bye.


Round 16 there is no TV game Frankston host Collingwood that weekend can’t see Ch7 showing that either


I thought about a week ago when Fixture talk started that Frankston would miss out and was proved right. Channel 7 only care for AFL aligned teams, it stinks. 


FINALS are not a given NorthPort !!

Cant wait for Billy's reaction to Sandy's home games at Linton Street !!

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