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2008 VFL - R3 - Sandringham v Port Melbourne

Today was a good tussle between the two traditional clubs.. Played in brilliant sunshine, the games margin was close throughout with scores level at 3/4 time.

For Port it was a really solid even performance. Isaacs Conway was very good again after his 17 tackles last week, he was prominent.

I've decided the Lisle's apportionment as Captain was an Great choice. It seems to have really focused him and he is hitting packs hard and his accuracy has been first rate.

The Borough should take a lot of confidence after todays game. It was an important win in front of a healthy crowd down at Sandy!

Cam Walker looked like he could be handy this season and did some good things on debut. Does anyone know what happened with the to Dylan Conway who was a late withdrawal?

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Goal Kickers: T. Lamb 5, N. Wright 2, J. Matera, J. Noone, D. Armitage
Best Players: D. Armitage, E. Phillips, B. Longer, T. Lamb, K. Answerth, B. Seccull
Port Melbourne
Goal Kickers: J. Lisle 3, K. Haretuku 2, A. Anastasio 2, B. Pearson, T. O''Sullivan, R. Nahas, S. Lange, E. Templeton
Best Players: K. Haretuku, I. Conway, M. Rivett, A. Anastasio, L. Cook, D. Beddison


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2008 VFL ? Typpo I am guessing. But talking about the Sandy match - reports were that their was a good crowd which seems to be contradictory to what people here say about Sandy. You often hear people moan that Sandy doesn't get good crowds, that they have no supporters yet in the past few years when I have been there they seem to have more crowds and more life in them than most other VFL clubs. I am wondering if people are being alarmist when they state the state of the club.

37 times Grand finalists
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21 times runners up - THE MIGHTY BOROUGH!

I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The crowd was good! I'd still suggest the majority were Borough faithful but maybe we were just louder.. But I would definitely describe the crowd as healthy. Spotted Shane Warne wandering around at the game too.


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Agree; more of the Port faithful than waning Zebra herd, A fair proportion of locals were parents.of the Auskick kids.

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"Spotted Shane Warne wandering around at the game too."

Did he ever play for Sandy? I remember his brother played a while back


Lock up yyour doga & your daughters !!!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


No but he has always been a Sandy and Saints supporter.

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S Warne is Zebs  No1 ticket holder

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