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If Richmond knock off GWS next Saturday night there will be a huge Tigers contingent at Empty Head Stadium on the Sunday, which will be great for TV and atmosphere but intimidating for the opponent

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I am hard core Richmond since the days of kevin bartlett and of course hope the tigers win afl flag. Can't stand gws. Great waste of space. But this is a vfl ex vfa comp and of course hope willy can win flag providing they beat port and won't be easy. Cant barrack for an afl reserves side even my own afl team over vfa team. If richmond beat gws then seagulls or ports job will be very very tough. If tigers lose to gws then the vfl tigers will probably lose. Will get decent crowd in vfl gf and even bigger with richmond beating gws. Interesting weekend ahead. My odds would be richmond $1.30 v willy or $1.20 v port

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This week will see around 26 k I  reckon. The tiger army are in full force, they are lusting for a premiership and will come out in big numbers, almost like Footscray a few years ago except that they have far more supporters. 20 k to Richmond and we will bring about 6 k I reckon. Heavily outnumbered but (not to sound arrogant) WE DON'T CARE ! :)

As for crowds - I just found this on wikipedia ...


That must have been a grand final. Not sure if any other grand finals were better attended than this one.

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Dont forget the Womens GF is on at 12 so they should bring in a few thousand extra as well  and hopefully the Tigers dont choke against GWS.

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Give you plenty of time to find IT Rocker !!

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I'm hoping that GWS beat Richmond in the AFL as the Richmond fans are already talking about the flag. Would be great to see the wind knocked out of their sails.