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2017 - Development League Grand Final - Casey v Williamstown




Grand Final Grand Final – 17/09/2017


Fortburn Stadium



Casey Demons

B: 72. M. Lefau, 20. N. Gardiner, 7. Y. Zijai

HB: 32. J. Briggs, 36. D. Johnston, 12. J. Lovett

C: 23. M.  Cox, 3. C.  Ambler, 51. B.  Giobbi

HF: 53. W. Collis, 31. T. Baker, 5. D. Collis

F: 63. K. Byers, 75. S. Dwyer, 22. G. Lok

R: 16. J. Gains, 8. T. Vander Haar, 66. P. Lewis-Smith

Int: 80. D. Allsop, 70. T. Armour, 10. A. Cotte, 39. J. Di Pasquale, 49. N. Foote, 4. J. Freeman, 18. B. Hillard, 46. D. Johnston,

  1. C. MacHaya


In: J. Di Pasquale, W. Collis, Y. Zijai, D. Collis, T. Armour, J. Briggs, D. Allsop

Out: A. Ferreira,  J. Moncrieff,  D. Gordon




B: 45. L. Carter, 41. J. Minogue, 37. N. Ebinger

HB: 32. T. Condon, 36. T. Davies, 19. D. Kempster

C: 50. F.  Carroll, 40. B.  Monk, 38. A.  Giuliano

HF: 29. J. Burke, 34. L. McMahon, 42. B. Romensky

F: 28. C. Buykx-Smith, 44. J. Owen, 48. T. Wilkinson

R: 46. J. Gray, 30. K. Gray, 39. L. Knight

Int: 1. E. Carr, 27. J. Chisari, 43. J. Eales, 31. D. Fahey, 53. L. Goetz, 26. J. Newman, 20. M. Norton, 51. M. Philpot, 25. J. Pongracic


In: J. Newman, J. Eales, J. Chisari, L. Goetz

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The last GF of the Dev league, another sad day for Victorian football.  I like to witness "historic' games, but this is bad history.

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I'll be there hoping williamstown can win gf