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2017 VFL Grand Final teams




VFL Grand Final – 24/09/2017


Etihad Stadium

Port Melbourne

B: 3. L. Tynan, 31. B. Mihocek, 16. D. Viojo-Rainbow

HB: 5. S. Lange, 21. L. Cook, 28. R. Nahas

C: 27. D.  Mascitti, 10. T.  Pinwill, 18. M.  Wooffindin

HF: 29. C. Cain, 2. K. Haretuku, 7. D. Conway

F: 19. A. Anastasio, 6. J. Lisle, 23. H. Sandilands

R: 36. L. Waddell, 4. T. O’Sullivan, 35. E. Templeton

Int: 40. S. Clarke, 14. I. Conway, 20. S. Dwyer, 37. H. Hooper, 38. D. Iaccarino, 30. B. Murdoch, 32. B. Pearson, 12. J. Tynan

23P: 66. A. Krakauer


In: J. Tynan, I. Conway, S. Clarke, D. Iaccarino




B: 11. J. Batchelor, 53. H. Beasley, 42. R. Garthwaite

HB: 28. T. Hunt, 51. S. Darley, 15. J. Short

C: 31. O.  Markov, 29. S.  Bolton, 37. C.  Menadue

HF: 32. C. Ellis, 27. S. Lloyd, 38. S. Morris

F: 36. C. Moore, 24. B. Griffiths, 44. T. Stengle

R: 16. S. Hampson, , 26. A. Miles, 7. B. Lennon

Int: 54. J. Ballard, 41. M. Chol, 78. D. Coffield, 30. R. Conca, 20. I. Maric, 64. T. Silvestro, 47. I. Soldo, 57. B. Wood

23P: 69. S. Mannagh


In: T. Silvestro, D. Coffield, I. Soldo, B. Wood

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The only player I think that might go out from last weeks team is Sam Dwyer.  His form has been patchy.  Hopefully if he is selected, I am proved wrong.  I'd suggest Scott Clarke would be the one to come in, as he can slot in just about anywhere.



Be very surprised if they don't play Dwyer !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Pretty strong Tigers lineup if they all play but not always the best team wins the GFI Its the team who know how to win GFs - which are a much different game to any other throughout the season.

Sandy clearly won premierships when they were not the best team throughout the year Box Hill comes to mind but on the day the Zebras with players with a number of GFS behind them worried  a nervious Box Hill out of the game.


That's a strange example Billy, given Sandy finished well clear on top that year and had beaten Box Hill twice before the GF!

But certainly agree with your overall point, in 1997 under Andy Collins and the final two years of the Mark Williams three-peat Sandy definitely weren't the best team throughout the year but stepped up at the right time.


Dwyer was under an injury cloud last week and only touched the ball 5 times. Would be a tough call from Ayres but there are 5-6 guys who can come into the side and play a strong role. in 2012 Dwyer played in the GF against Geelong after returning from a broken leg and had very minimal impact. Be interesting to see how this situation plays out.



Yep. I hope Sammy plays and plays very well, but if there's any doubt with an outside running player like that they need to go with the fully fit player. There'll be no hiding at Docklands on Sunday.


Ok not best example but Box Hill were on a roll at 1/2 time but in the second half Sandy hammered them physically and then ran over top in the last quarter.

Bob Keddie who coached our 1985 flag after 23 years said once you start winning premierships you will win a lot more and he was right.

From that year on Sandy won another 7 flags.


Don't get me wrong, it was a great day. We were sitting in the outer and the Box Hill fans were giving us plenty for three quarters. I think it was Steve Amiet who kicked one late in the third to bring it back to around four goals and the last quarter was incredible. 

From memory the Zebs kicked four goals in the first 89 minutes and seven in the last 31 mins. Hell of a game to be at unless you were a Mustangs man!


Thats what  Bob Keddie was getting at, experienced GF sides just believe that the can and will win no matter how far they get behind during the game they just find a way.

I reckon that famatical belief would also behind Port Adelaides amazing 38 premierships