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2017 VFL Round 1 - Port Melbourne v Northern Blues


08/04/2017 -2:00pmA
North Port Oval, Port Melbourne

Port Melbourne

B: 3. L. Tynan, 31. B. Mihocek, 16. D. Viojo-Rainbow
HB: 1. M. Rivett, 21. L. Cook, 18. M. Wooffindin
C: 29. C.  Cain, 11. M.  Golby, 38. D.  Iaccarino
HF: 32. B. Pearson, 23. H. Sandilands, 9. B. Hogan
F: 7. D. Conway, 6. J. Lisle, 41. R. Hogan
R: 36. L. Waddell, 4. T. O'Sullivan, 35. E. Templeton, 45. J O'Brien

Interchange from: 12. J. Tynan, 37. H. Hooper, 13. T. Gordon, 33. C. Kelso, 20. S. Dwyer, 28. R. Nahas, 10. T.Pinwill, 30. B. Murdoch

Northern Blues

B: 13. C. O'Shea, 26. A. Silvagni, 70. T. Williamson
HB: 72. B. Smedts, 63. H. Macreadie, 7. D. Buckley
C: 62. B.  Boekhorst, 58. C.  Curnow, 49. D.  Armfield
HF: 51. R. Palmer, 48. K. Jaksch, 32. N. Graham
F: 14. L. Jones, 19. H. McKay, 42. J. Pickett
R: 15. A. Phillips, 60. D. Cuningham, 8. L. Russell

23rd Player: 35. M Stavrou

Interchange from: 80. M. Korcheck, 47. C. Sheehan, 4. S. Russell, 34. J. Glass-McCasker, 55. L. Sumner, 6. G. Strachan, 1. T. Wilson, 31. P. Kerr, 56. A. Gallucci, 65. Z. Fisher, 67. C. Polson, 20. D. Stevens



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Port Melbourne 2.5-17 5.9-39 8.11-59 12.15-87
Northern Blues 2.4-16 2.5-17 4.9-33 8.10-58
Port Melbourne
Goal Kickers: J. Lisle 7, B. Pearson, T. O''Sullivan, R. Nahas, M. Wooffindin, C. Cain
Best Players: B. Mihocek, T. O''Sullivan, H. Sandilands, J. Lisle, D. Viojo-Rainbow, C. Cain
Northern Blues
Goal Kickers: K. Jaksch 2, Z. Fisher 2, A. Gallucci, L. Sumner, H. McKay, D. Armfield
Best Players: N. Graham, A. Silvagni, C. Polson, C. Sheehan, T. Wilson, M. Stavrou

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What a day! I was beginning to think that we might miss the thunderstorm, but when it rolled in... Wow!

For all the hype the crowd was solid but not huge.

Lisle started off the season in great form, slotting 7 in blustery and wet conditions.

The standard was pretty good overall and Cains 175th and life membership of the VFL.

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Good start for the borough. Depth is very good at port melbourne this year which will help them big time. Northport I'll send you some photos of westgarth street northcote from last night's northcote park v west preston game. First game under lights at the vfa ground. Very good standard, decent crowd, great surface and good lighting. Easily can host a vfl game under lights. West present has matthew stokes ex geelong, andrew walker ex carlton, karnezis ex brisbane and collingwood plus ahmad saad. I thought close who has played for collingwood vfl before is a great player and for a tall player is very agile and strong. Northcote park who are very skilful and quick were 40 points up doing during the third quarter and lost by 10 points.

Wally from Will...
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How did Dylan Conway go in his first outing for Port? Didn't register a goal i noted ...


A pretty impressive performance first up performance from Port off the bat against 19 Carlton players, especially with Batsanis, Dwyer, Haretuku, Mascitti, Golby, J Tynan, Valenti, I Conway, Osborne, Lange, Arnott, Van Unen, Anastasio etc all still to come at some point. This team could be very hard to beat once all the pieces come together.


Did I read correctly that Dwyer played twos??

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Thats right Heath - Ports depth is crazy as well as the players commitement who although playing for free put in a great effort. Some in that situation may have felt bitter and not performed. I think Dwyer in the 2's might be due to him not being 100 % (also might be the case with Mascitti as he is a top player, and Herataku and Arnot).  You wonder with competition for spots how some of the big name players feel playing in the 2's and wether playing regularly in there will deter them from re signing. You would think that in order to manage them and keep the squad as fresh as possible then their will be rotations to the squads.

What did people think of the crowd yesterday ? I thought it was a good but not great crowd - Gary estimated at around 2k.

37 times Grand finalists
16 times premiers
21 times runners up - THE MIGHTY BOROUGH!

I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wally from Will...
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VFL – Port Melbourne v Northern Blues: The Ciarans at the Borough


Ports defence worked great on the weekend, DVR clean with his possession.

Does anybody have full match stats on the players?

cheers chowder.

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I think I may be able to dig up starts.

The crowd was actually not quite as big as I'd hoped for I was expecting anywhere between 1500 to 2000 given the media and publicity we had during the week but that wasn't to be.

I still thought it was a solid crowd, better than and previous Round 1 crowds.

I might be able to find stats that I can post up.. I'll have a look during the week.

The people that actually missed watching the game you can still watch the YouTube live cast as a replay.