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2018 VFL - R1 - Sandringham v Footscray


Round 1 – 07/04/2018


Trevor Barker Beach Oval


B: 48. D. McKenzie, 61. D. Joyce, 78. B. Rice

HB: 67. S. Gilbert, 37. H. Goddard, 1. D. Weickhardt

C: 44. H. Clark, 54. J. Steele, 46. E. Phillips

HF: 12. B. Bailey, 23. T. Lamb, 17. J. Haidon

F: 39. J. Lonie, 36. J. Battle, 15. J. Sziller

R: 60. T. Hickey, 2. K. Answerth, 9. M. Cook

Int: 45. L. Austin, 40. O. Clavarino, 62. R. Connellan, 50. B. Paton, 27. N. Smith, 53. K. Stevens, 3. L. Verma, 56. N. Wright

23P: 6. H. Mclean


B: 36. B. Lynch, 18. F. Roberts, 37. R. Smith

HB: 24. S. Biggs, 2. L. Young, 20. E. Richards

C: 27. P. Lipinski, 3. M. Wallis, 28. C. Porter

HF: 22. M. Honeychurch, 17. T. Boyd, 50. J. Prudden

F: 30. F. Greene, 40. N. Mullenger-Mchugh, 66. A. Monfries

R: 15. T. Campbell, 19. L. Webb, 35. C. Daniel

Int: 64. A. Bruhn, 51. L. Dalgleish, 58. M. Goodyear, 55. A. Greenwood, 65. N. Hamad, 56. W. Hayes, 61. L. Nash, 53. L. Sullivan, 68. D. Symeopoulos, 67. J. Wallis, 54. R. William, 60. Andrew Tashevski-Beckwith

23P: 52. J. Patullo

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How many Sandringham VFL listed players in the zebras team ? Probably can count them on one hand if there is that many.  I think Footscray look far too experienced and will have a decent win even at Beach Road. Angus Monfries is a VFL listed player with the dogs and will be a handy pickup.


Yep thats a very good WB seconds side dont see the St Kilda seconds getting very close even at TBBO.

Ron Burger
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Well that one didn’t go according to plan then did it? 


Early rounds of VFL are like throwing all the cards in the air and seeing where they land. Seems to be about round five or six most years before a bit of a pattern emerges.

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Yeah agree - always takes a while for things to settle and true order to come about properly 


Where have you been Stanga ???

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Just doing my thing ol' Digger!

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Welcome back Stanga !!!