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Good crowd yesterday and also thought slightly better standard game than saturday. Port will give willy a good run but expect seagulls to win by a few goals. Very true anything can happen in finals but with weeks rest the seagulls will prevail. Richmond will start favourite but box hill will be a little harder for Richmond than casey and collingwood. Weather for weekend is not great with some miserable days ahead.

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Well I am up to half time in Sundays replay.  Quality game with both sides looking so dangerous. Gee Footscray had so many missed opportunities, particularly in the early stages of the second quarter.


I was upset early when I saw that the umpires incorrectly called Vojo-Rainbows kick out from the goal square as going over the line!

Even with the TV effects microphones a fair way from the majority of the crowd, the atmosphere comes across really well on the coverage.


Pinwill and O'sullivan have had a tonne of the footy early for Port and Lisle is really looked dangerous early.  Anatasio definitely played his best game for the season and was instrumental in Port getting across the line.  I thought Nahas wsa relatively quiet throughout the game, but I'll watch the second half closely to try and work out how the match-ups were working.

What a shame we can't get clubs like Footscray regularly drawing these sorts of crowds to games.

Next week will be tougher again, but I believe that if we can get over the line, Port Melbourne are every chance of winning another flag.  Players like Lange and Tynan that aren't really mentioned all that much are quality footballers that can make the difference in finals footy.


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Your right, Nahas did have a quiet game, I remember in the second I asked the person next to me, Where's Nahas today ??
We did have a lot of luck early on, had Footscray capitalised in the early stages we may have now been discussing the season that was. Fair to say we have had our fair share of bad luck over the recent years. Talking about luck, we will need some to beat Willy and some focus and good performances all round. Cant afford to have too many passengers. Need to be switched on from the start. Can definitely be done, I expect a tough close encounter.

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I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It wouldn't be the first time Nahas has gone missing !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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I'm up to 3/4 time and the is a great advertisement for this competition. Footscray will rue their missed opportunities.

If Mascitti and Mihocek don't get picked up by AFL clubs, they should rightly be pissed off. They are elite at this level and would be valuable at the next.



Lets hope the weather is not taht bad as these two matches could pull some decent crowds esp with no AFL games sat and Melbourne


Thought that Mihochek was a certainty to be at least rookied this year.

Has this year been as good as 2016 ???

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Missed a fair bit of footy through injury, has been building last few games