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Ali Fahour

Did Ali Fahour play for Coburg?

Ron Burger
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Listed at Bendigo Bombers and Northern Bullants but was never a Burger.

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Thanks Ron...I remembered seeing him play somewhere. He has a bit of history...I read that he was playing in a Northern Suburban league and jumped the fence to get in a blue in the crowd that his brother was Sounds like he would rather have a fight than a feed.....

Not condoning what he did but it all seems an over reaction to me. I saw Pinwill do the same thing to Cavarra in a practice match at Frankston 2 years ago with an umpire 10 metres from him and he didnt even get reported.Right forearm to the jaw followed by a left hook to the chin.

Hes got a life suspension, lost his job and will probably be charged with assault as the bloke he hit has lodged a complaint. Once upon a time what happened on the field stayed on the field....

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There has been far worse for much less penalties.

Ron Burger
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Just because Pinwill got away with it doesn't make it right. He got 3 weeks for clocking Lachie Johns a couple of years ago in similar circumstances. 

As for Fahour, 8-10 would have sufficed and still had him banned for life (with 10). 

Talk about yesteryear and "what happened on the field" is just plain crap. Our sport is better than that now isn't it?

We all have higher standards to uphold than previous generations when it comes to semi professional sport and I, for one, would like to see local leagues follow the NFL's lead and impose similar hefty suspensions to eradicate this type of thuggery for good. 

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Not saying it should have stayed on the field, once upon a time it might have but not now with all the media frenzy and the gutless social media keyboard warriors on their high horses, and the urgers and agitators stirring the pot. It all creates huge pressure on tribuals and the AFL to do something,and in this case I think the penalties were far too harsh for what he did. Even the coppers put their heads into it.
I agree with increasing the penalties for striking and thuggery. Tom Bugg got 6 weeks for his effort last week. I'd have given him twice that. Clenched fist to the face causing concussion and precluding Mills from playing the game out. That was a thug act.
As for Pinwill I didnt say it was right that he wasnt reported. Of course he should have been. It was powder puff stuff though and Benny hardly moved from the blows, but the umpire chose to ignore it. Go figure.....
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It looks like Vicpol are now following up on the incident. Given that it would be best to put comment on the actual incident to rest and speak more generally about assaults on-field.



He has now been charged according to the Herald Sun.


Correct did play senior games for Bendigo & mainly reserves for Bullants.

Think he was targeted by media as he was the AFL official in the room when Matt Rendall made comments that led to his sacking from Adelaide. For mine Rendall needed some counselling as what he said had racial overtones but it wasn't something that should have led to his sacking.

When you think that a few weeks after Rendall was hunted from the industry, Fahour was reported for leaving the bench during play to intervene in a fight then in same season he jumped fence to take on spectators.