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Breaking News: North Ballarat are out of VFL

North Ballarat's VFL License has been cancelled.


This will leave 15 teams in VFL in 2018.



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Steve GRIM Reaper has an agenda

2018 out Sandringham, 2019 out Coburg, 2020 out Frankston and Werribee

Will finish up in 2021 and kick out Williamstown and Port Melbourne.

Will also force Melbourne, Carlton and Hawthorn to revert to AFL seconds and shed any involvement with Casey, Preston or Box Hill

RIP VFA - not surprised at all. Expected the roosters to be thrown out.

How Mr reaper must be squirming as either Williamstown or Port Melbourne will be in the VFL GF. Pity Port did not beat Box hill 2 weeks ago where a Willy v Port GF could have eventuated.

Looking forward to Mr Reaper and co copping a spray after the developement GF. Maybe a bit like David gallop reception when he crucified melbourne Storm ?

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Take over the roosters digs. Get rid of all the clowns and rednecks. Get good people to start a fresh for 2019. Frankston done it so can the roosters. Having a country team is a must. Had my rant previous post. Not happy frankston out last year thank god they are back next year, development league gone now roosters. Afl want to control everything. Yet another black day in football !!!

Wally from Will...
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Yep, just heard it on the 6.30pm news on 3AW, sad day but unsurprising really, I used to enjoy the bus trips up to Bendigo and Ballarat but that's history now, hope your doomsday predictions are incorrect George

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More like a rant wally. Not a real prediction. Hope the roosters can come back in 2019. Would like to see the roosters back in 2019 plus a standalone zebras. Agree wally not really surprised what happened to the roosters. Also loved the trips to north Ballarat, bendigo and even a game at stawell. Hoping the seagulls win last ever development league gf. Should get a good crowd on sunday. I'll be there with bells on. Saturday watching my old team Richmond central reserves gf at elsternwick park.

Ron Burger
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Given the Western Bulldogs signage remains in situ at Eureka Stadium, this should come as no surprise.

GWV Rebels, Footscray VFL, WB Women, maybe North VFL will all be utilising the ground on top of a couple of boutique AFL home and away fixtures. 

North Ballarat are dead as a VFL entity. The AFL will swiftly move in to utilise the facility that is being vacated by the Roosters. 


Maybe the AFL friendly board members were AFL plants to get rid of Nth Ballarat? 

Im with vfa this is the beginning of the end of the ex VFA clubs and the reforming of the AFL reserves.

Maybe Port and Willy will survive but none of the others will inc Sandy who even if they stay with the Saints next year will be given the arse by St Kilda when they move to Morrabbin.and wont have the money to compete.

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Why woud they give Frankston their licence back a month ago if their agenda is to get rid of them? AFL Victoria gave Frankston plenty of help and advise to get back in. If they wanted them gone they had the perfect opportunity.

Pretty sure from what Ive read they have offered the same help to Nth Ballarat.

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Will they be pumping resources back into North City next season as a result of this? Is the Sports Club set up in financial trouble at all?

We'll thrill 'em

We'll kill 'em

We'll tear 'em in two

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Digs says they have plenty of money. I think the issue is more of governance and on field competiveness.


Doesn't come as a surprise and if the side was to be rebadged would anybody in the area care. Bendigo found it very hard to gather support as a new entity,

I may be a touch cynical but I've heard it mentioned once by Buckernara that Frankston may eventually have to change its name to reflect its position in the region. For me AFL Vic want St Kilda to take over the licence and the first step could be having Seaford-St Kilda VFLW team play out of Frankston from next season with the 'Peninsula Saints' the ultimate goal.

Issue Dolphins will have is on field performance is now being used against the stand-alone teams