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Interesting thoughts Bullants. The Seaford- StKilda AFLW team wont happen as Seaford ladies are not fielding a team in the VFL next year.

You think St Kida will dump Sandy, and then take over Frankston?  If this was AFL Vic's  agenda why would they reinstate their licence if they want St KIlda to take over the area? It would be easier to give the Dolphins the arse.

The name change is a possibility though...I personally hope not, but the thinking is to include the South East of Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula areas.

I keep hearing "MorningtonPeninsula Sharks".

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Frankston will be the Frankston Dolphins and not some useless other name. Frankston represnts the area and no reason why they would change for the sake of a change. Don't mess with history. I never ever call Footscray the Western Bulldogs. I still call them and refer the to Footscray.

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Frankston FC was formed in 1887 and as far as I know they have always been the Dolphins. Lets hope the name doesnt change just to suit AFL Vic and the grim Reaper - and its their idea, not FFC.


Any name change leaves the club vulnerable to vultures, not sure that calling it South East Sharks or something of that ilk will bring anymore money into the club and you would only do it to avoid paying all your debts.

Seaford have been removed from the VFLW but midseason mail was that Stkilda would be taking that licence with the team playing on the peninsula which i take as they would be playing out of Frankston. May have changed as not much has been said about it since.



Ron Burger
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St Kilda will run their VFL side out of Moorabbin, which is costing all up $29M to redevelop. They're leaving Seaford behind as a white elephant. 

It would be "Opposite Day" if they then proceeded to take over the Frankston Dolphins. 

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If the Dolphins roll over on their name what in the hell was the point in fighting so hard to revive the club. I grew up a Preston supporter and was only 7 or 8 at the time so don't remember anything but diluting the brand by going with Northern still doesn't sit easily with me. Guess it's irrelevant considering what ended up happening.

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