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Channel 7 Finals games telecasts. Week 1

I notice the 2 TV games this week were the 4 AFL reserves teams. Richmond v Collingwood, Essendon v Footascray.


None of the top 4 teams on the ladder got a look in.





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That is the same way it has been every year as it is more affordable to have the camaras stay at North Port. Its a affordability issue m, nothing else. Which game is being live steamed today ?

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Who decides which games are played at Nth Port? My guess is Channel 7...

I looked on that other  VFL website and couldnt find any live streaming of a game today.


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Was hoping for an all vfa gf. Not to be port lost today. At best hope if port beat footscray then you will get at least one vfl team in gf. Willy hot favorites on form and huge chance of another flag but anything can happen in sport. Wont jinx them so will be quiet.


From memory they pretty much always show the elimination finals on TV the first week, as the top four will be on in the following weeks. It's a pretty good way to do it, and has nothing to do with the teams involved - last year Port v Sandy was broadcast the first week.

If you want to watch Willi v Casey and Port v Box Hill go to the VFL website, they have replays available of both. I thought all four games this weekend were fantastic, such quality footy. 

BTW I thought the coverage was great, and the two games this week should be rippers. Hopefully Port can get over Footscray and set up a cracking prelim againt Willi.


The crowds at North Port were very ordinary on both days esp today

Nowhere near as they were when AFL seconds played agianst each other in previous years.

vfa Box hill will be a big threat


Very poor crowd at the "Shiela's" game on Saturday night also Billy !!

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Are we still allowed to call em shielas Digs? lol  Political correctness has taken over ....

Agree with Paul, the TV coverage of the games was fantastic. I love their callers, Jason Bennett is a gun, Carmody and Brown are both great. Intelligent, concise coments and summaries withouth the crap and cliches dished up by the AFL commentators.

Boy oh boy wowee.....Orrrrartziooooooooooooooooooo....and Bruce repeating everything he says three times. Sheesh.....

Watched a bit of the shielas game. excellent coverage...Bennett with  Abbey Holmes  doing specialcomments was great.


Not one to be indulgent to the VFL but Williamstown and Box Hill earned the right to have finalsat home.  If 7 had decided to telecast only from Port Melbourne then the resultant two games featuring 4 AFL 2nds sides was a quirk of the fixture.  As much as I love a conspiracy theory!!!