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Channel 7 games Round 7,12-15

Here are the game announced today to be on Channel 7 at 2:10pm game start times

Extra Game (Round 7)

Sunday June 4 Williamstown vs Geelong at Burbank Oval

Round 12

Saturday July 8 Northern Blues vs Port Melbourne at Preston

Round 13

Saturday July15 Essendon vs Northern Blues at Windy Hill

Round 14

Saturday July 22 Geelong vs Sandringham at Simonds Stadium

Round 15

Saturday July 29 Williamstown vs Footscray at Burbank Oval


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Ron Burger
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No surprises. Coburg have already used their "standard allocation" of one game for the year. Likewise North Ballarat I reckon. 

14 teams, 18 rounds, 38 sides featured (with the extra game. Each team SHOULD have at least two, with some getting three slots, but hey it's commercial TV and Coburg is still a poor cousin in that regard.

Sh1ts me to tears TBH

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All games feature an AFL 2's..

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You would expect that considering that theirs hardly any VFL stand alone clubs therefore very few match ups between themselves.

37 times Grand finalists
16 times premiers
21 times runners up - THE MIGHTY BOROUGH!

I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What do you expect blackrocker? it is the AFL reserves in all but name

Our team is now only the St Kilda seconds and I cant be bothered to watch that crap.

I prefer now a days esp if the weater is crap to bludge at home and watch the real AFL games in HD on foxtel or maybe take in a local game.that still has the feel of real old fashioned footy right down to the ladies in the kiosk selling hotdogs.

Oh and BTW many of the local games get much bigger crowds and have a better atmosphere that the VFL clubs could only dream of!

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Billy; you are right about the local games having a better atomsphere... more excitment at a funeral than at the recent Sandy 1 & 7/8 v AFL 2's games at TBO .  I should take more intererst in the real local teams Hampton Rovers, Black Rock & Beauie Sharks


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Ive been to a few MPNFL  games this year. Good crowds, good footy.  Im surprised by how good the standard is. Good skills all round although the game is played a lot more slowly. ...really enjoyable day.

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VFL stand alone teams make up 29% of the comp and 30% of teams in these TV games, so it seems about right. The first five rounds have all had a stand alone team on TV if I'm not mistaken.