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Ron Burger
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Coburg FC off season

Lots of player movement in and out at Pirahna Park with all our EFL recruits returning to their clubs and a few EDFL lads deciding to favour the hip pocket over playing the highest level possible. Looks like PK has lured a few more ex BH Hawks across for season 2017 which is encouraging.

Of some concern is the coaching clean out which hasn't been highlighted by the club. All three senior line coaches (including Petterd and Campbell) plus the promising Marcus Hastings (Development Team Coach) and another development line coach have moved on. We have all stood under the coaches'  box and heard the best/worst of Germo, but this mass walk out (especially including two highly spruiking ex-AFL players) is a of great concern I must say. 

Seagull90 are Surpised!!!!!?????

Ron Burger
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A little TBH.

The arrival of Petterd and Campbell in particular was heralded as "great gets" given their AFL experience, and we were led to believe these guys were in it for the long haul.

It's easy to presume Germo's abrasive manner may have had a part to play, but we don't know for sure. 

More to the point, to only have the senior coach and two Development line coaches continue from 2016 could mean even more "getting to know you" downtime off field. Given the inevitable demise of the Development League I suppose everyone is really just focusing on the senior set up now anyhow.

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Interesting to read your comments. Have any comment been made by those outgoing coaches?

I'd say there was a reasonable turnover of line coaches at Port Melboure, over the years. I sort of assumed that was the nature of the beast at VFL level (am I way off on that one?).


Ron Burger
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I only know that two of the coaches (the ones I didn't name) decided to have a year off.

I think as much as we would like to think we are in a similar position to Port (or Willy), that's not yet the case. Stability is key for us IMO and it will be interesting to see with whom and when we complete our coaching panel. Maybe a couple of Frankston coaches could join us to add some experience in development?