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Let's keep things civil please, I am away overseas this week. I don't want to spend it moderating this forum. ☺



Thanks for that Zebraman clarry must have skin in the game to be upset at someone just asking a civil question.

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Good summary zebraman. Reading between the lines sandy and st kilda most likely one more year although it would be great to have the zebras back as a standalone sooner than later. Keep us posted.


You suspect St Kilda has quickly gone to the AFL and said we're not ready to go stand alone yet, help us out, an email has quickly been fired to Sandy saying they'd have no licence next year if they split the alignment, backing it in that the Zebs won't take them to court on the matter.

The downside of Sandy having to go another year with St Kilda is they're going to lose some handy players with no devt league team, so the challenge of building a list the year after will be much greater. 

The flipside is it gives them a chance to bring in new people to run the club, save money next year with only a handful of players playing, and work hard to build links with local clubs, into the community,  membership and sponsorship for a relaunch in 2019, as Frankston have done this year. 

From an off-field perspective it might actually be the best thing, but on-field retention of players is crucial otherwise stand alone teams are going to find it harder and harder to be competitive as years pass by without a development team.

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So how is your club faring 6 rounds in to the season without the Development League.

Port have several players near to be ready to return from injury who are yet to play a game this season. Two of them are defenders. I'm a little unsure as to how the club will go comparing their performances at suburban level. 

When AFL Vic say they can't afford to run a DL because of costs and the VFL has a Northern Territory and the need to fly a side in and out... Confusing. 


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Costs doesn't seem to be a legimitate reason. They should prioritise their spending. They spend millions building stadiums that only get used twice per year, they spend millions promoting female footy and then all of a sudden its ooops we have no money for the development league - c yia !

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