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Paul Amy suggested on twitter that it had been rumoured that St Kilda rookies would play for Frankston next year, not sure if that means they will only play if Sandringham don't want them or they will be Frankston's for the year.

Yeah I get the feeling that the Peninsula Saints is just around the corner.


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Buckenara has just posted this on Facebook, knocking out these ugly rumours doing the rounds. Great news.

To Brad, Brendan & others please understand Adam Skrobalak is FULL TIME Frankston FC Coach with full commitment to the Dolphins no matter who we play! He will only be doing around 8hrs per week with St Kilda in a development/ruck coaching role.

Also please note Frankston Football Club was, is and will always be Stand Alone. So stop listening to the media rumours, listen to your club and get excited!!

Gary Buckenara

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That's what i like to hear. Strong positive words by buckenara. Now hopefully the dolphins can get a very competitive list and do well next year and build a good platform for 2018 and beyond. Can't criticize the coach even if he is not very well known, as you have the give the poor bloke a chance to prove himself. Hopefully he will have half decent cattle to work with. Pk will you be involved in coaching role at kars street ? You will be of huge benefit to the dolphins especially the younger players and develop them into good vfl players. Will look to interest in the next few months to see what kind of a list the dolphins will have.

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The club also posted today that no St Kilda rookie list players will be playing with the Dolphins next year. Another media bullshit story.


I believe the story got its beginnings from AFL Vic suggesting they enter into that arrangement, then grew legs when Sandy pres Danny Corcoran spoke about it. I just hope the Dolphs have knocked it back, and not just for next year as stated but altogether. 


Good to see the club come out and refute this.


This article on clarifies the situation from Skrobalak himself.

His actual role at St Kilda will be "exactly the same" as this year, it says "he expects to work at least four days a week" at the Saints and he will still have a matchday role but if there is a clash the Dolphins will take priority.

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The contradictions continue....Frankston says he will do 8hr per week at Skilda and he says 4 days. So if hes doing 3 days at Frankston does that mean its 2  training runs and 1 game day?

This has got f**k up written all over it. I would have much preferred the job going to someone willing to give it 100% not 43%


After that coaching appointment I wouldn't believe a that comes out of Frankston. Don't they realise the AFL will dictate how they are to be run not the other way around.

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Perhaps the Dolphs have not got deep enough pockets for 100%. I'd be suspicious of any deal that smells of St Parasite.