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Ron Burger
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We frankly, given there's still $400k in debt to pay off it would be totally irresponsible for them to pay more for their senior coach than they did for Pat Hill (which I believe was similar to the $40k Coburg paid Germo). 

Granted Hill was part-time, but even if Skrobalak was on $60k, if he has a family, then he would need the additional coin working part-time at St Kilda provides. 

Throws up a minor conflict of interest when Frankston plays St Kilda 2s/Sandy and the St Kilda reserves mids/rucks are in the opposition! 

Wally from Will...
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Frankston are 'partnering' with St Kilda to form a new team in the VFLW, so there are links being formed between the two in the background, beware .....

Seaford will transfer its licence to St Kilda (AFL), with the Saints to partner with the Frankston Football Club to form the Southern Saints

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Sandriham, Frankston & Seaford... not a bad snare of existing infrastructure. Historians would add Moorabbin to the list


I Have heard about 100 turned up for info night tonight