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Think Sandy are nearly in the same boat as us Billy !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green



Hopefully you are not right but I fear you are and the Zebras as we knew them are not long for this world.

Still I did see the 10 flags and a lot of fantastic players met a lot of wonderful people and no one esp a slimey AFL club one premiership in 140 years pathetic St Kida can take that away from me!

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I was one of the 26 that attended. Nothing was mentioned that fills me with optimism.


Hi Blackrocker


I think you tried to message me but it wont open up

Cheers Billy


I see that top quality person  Paul Gardner ex Melbourne Chairman and leading businessman has joined the board his experience and football knowledge will be invaluable

Lets hope he brings some spine to the club as well and its not too little too late

As I have said before the old board lingered way past their use by date and their great echievments from 10 years back have been all but destroyed by hooking up with perrinial losers St Kilda.

 I said at the time of the merger that Saints would drag us down to their pathetic level and now its time to get away from this destructive culture.




Sandringham recruit Brede Seccull backing himself in an aligned VFL set-up

Brede Seccull was more a hopeful than reputable senior player when he set out for South Adelaide in the SANFL.

Five years later he has returned to Melbourne as a proven state league performer and as one of Sandringham’s major recruits for 2018.

Outgoing Zebras GM John Mennie even thinks Seccull can match the contribution of Adam Cockie, who crossed from the WAFL in 2012, won two best and fairests, captained Sandy from 2014-15 and was a fine clubman.

That is quite a compliment and the 24-year-old will be doing his utmost to meet Mennie’s expectations.

Seccull appreciates the effort the general manager made in bringing him to the Trevor Barker Oval. But St Kilda official and former Sandy football manager Luke O’Brien set the ball rolling.

O’Brien was involved at the Sandringham Dragons when Seccull came through to play in the 2011 premiership team alongside the likes of Fletcher Roberts, Sam Frost and Alex Woodward.

At the end of 2015 and ’16 O’Brien called Seccull and asked the question: “Are you a sniff to come home?’’

Brede Seccull won South Adelaide’s best and fairest in 2016.

He wasn’t. But it was third time lucky for O’Brien. When he phoned after the 2017 season Seccull was getting his head around a return to Melbourne.

He had completed a law degree during his time in Adelaide and was about to accept a position with a bayside firm with offices near the Sandringham ground.

“So I caught up with Lukey, met Aaron Hamill (new Sandy coach) and met with John Mennie and Sandy put up a good offer,’’ Seccull said.

“Knowing Luke, working around the corner, Sandy being super-keen, which was really nice … it was an easy decision in the end.’’

After his TAC Cup time Seccull had a stint at Collingwood VFL, then headed to South Adelaide.

Rugged was his start as a Panther. He broke his left ankle in his first year and the other ankle in his second. He wondered if he had made a good move in changing states.

“Halfway through 2014 I’m like, ‘Look, it probably hasn’t worked out how I wanted, might be time for me to go home’,’’ he said.

But after the injuries his football flourished under the coaching of the experienced Bradley Gotch and then Gary Hocking.

Seccull played every game in 2015 and the following year shared the South Adelaide best and fairest with two-time Magarey Medal champion Joel Cross.

He left the Panthers with 68 senior games and the best wishes of a club that admired his work around the ball. Like Cockie, he’s primarily an inside midfielder.

“My main role is to get in and win it at the coalface and flick it out,’’ he said. “But I like to think I’ve developed the outside part of my game and if I have to go to a wing or half back or half forward, I can do that. You have to be versatile.’’

Seccull arrives at Sandringham as it comes to grips with the absence of the VFL Development League.




It means every available St Kilda player must be selected in the Sandringham team, putting a squeeze on positions for the VFL-listed players.

Seccull is backing himself. “It’s one of those things, if you’re good enough, you play anywhere,’’ he said. “I’m confident in my ability. If there’s one or two spots, I’m going to be there. Form and injury play a large part in it, but you can’t get too hung up on that. You’ve got to play footy and enjoy it.

“Now being 24 and having played six years of state league footy, I believe I’ve proved myself.’’

Meanwhile the Zebras have signed Hampton Rovers’ best and fairest Christian Carnovale.

The midfielder captained the club last year despite still being eligible for the Under 19s. He also toured Ireland with the VAFA representative team.



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"...It means every available St Kilda player must be selected in the Sandringham team, putting a squeeze on positions for the VFL-listed players."...

Why exist ????

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Sandringham in name only now.

Frankston is just down the road a bit fellas...not  far to go to support a real club!


Unfortunately it is a farce to still call themselves Sandringham !!

You  would really have to wonder how long it will be before Billy’s long term prediction comes true.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

Wally from Will...
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Why bother? go to a club where you will get a game in the firsts every week ....