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Agree with Robbo. They'll find a reason to knock off the rest of the stand alones. A huge part of metropolitan Melbourne not worth bothering about, it deems. Bastards!


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Wow. Only just saw this thread now. What a stunning and terrible decision.

I'm not sure how that can be justified. Not only for a proud VFA club but for the region and football pathway that we hear so much.

Hopefully Frankston don't take this lying down.


Ron Burger
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Unfortunately when the competition changes shape/composition every year with alignments and stand alones, the loss of the second actual team in 3 seasons (after Bendigo) is easily explained, and absorbed. 

if clubs get in iver their head financially, how can you expect the governing body to permit an insolvent entity to continue to trade?

it doesn't happen in the business world and second tier state level football is nothing if not a business now.



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I wonder where Matthew boyd and tory dickson came from ???????????? Now in an afl gf and one is captain. To see all the yuppies at the afl Brownlow and all the millions spent on gws it makes you sick. For me never again vfl unless williamstown, port, coburg and north ballarat are involved. Will not watch 5 seconds of an all afl reserves clash. What about sammy lloyd where did he get drafted from ??? Michael hibberd ??? No more opportunities from the peninsula area via vfl. Well done afl victoria or shall i say afl twits as they make decisions via twitter.

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Very hasty decision by AFL Victoria. Their license was not renewed due to their 'historical' on field performances. You would think they deserved another year. to turn it around. Ron Gauci had a 4 year plan ready to go with the creditors, they were offered rent relief by the  Frankston Council for next season, they have NOT had a player walkout, and they had a senior coach in place for next year.

I guess their feeling was due to their financial restrictions (majority of earnings to be paid to creditors) in the medium term, there would be a problem in attracting players of sufficient quality to be competitive. 

I feel heartbroken for the players and coaches who tried their guts out in difficult circumstances for the last two years., and were prepared to keep going.  Anybody who had watched them play would be aware they were on the cusp of being a very good team.

Unfortunately it appears there will be no way back from this. 


Lost me years ago the VFL, the move to etihad and Williamstown alignment with collingwood destoyed the comp in my eyes.

Shame but its the way of the world these days, all about the mighty $. Feel sorry for the old VFA/VFL diehards.


Ill watch Richmond when I can and would love a trip out to Willy or Port to watch them play when/if work or commitments allow.

But yeah a lot more passion and fun at local footy :(

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Luke beveridge was assistant coach at frankston to robbie mace in early 2000s. The coach and captain of footscray who are playing in their first grand final in 55 years are ex frankston.

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Dont forget Tory Dickson. He started in the twos at Frankston.

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Sammy Lloyd and Michael Hibberd would not have played AFL if not for the dolphins.



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Still no explanation by the GUTLESS AFL Victoria. 

Maybe they are negotiating on the first 20 draft picks for GWS ?