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Approaching 20 hours since the tweet came out.

Nothing from AFL or AFL Victoria.

Just want answers in why this decision was made?



The following is a statement from AFL Victoria regarding Frankston's VFL license:

AFL Victoria has not notified the Frankston Football Club of any decision regarding their license. 

The media reports are as a result of a meeting between AFL Victoria and the administrators Monday and the administrator subsequently releasing a statement to the media and not the club itself. 

AFL Victoria has not provided any such advice to the club regarding their license and will meet with them on Thursday.

AFL Victoria will not provide any comment until further discussions with Frankston. 


Unforttunately my cynicism would lead me to believe it IS a fait accompli. 

A sad day for Frankston FC and anyone who has a passion for second-tier football.  

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Looks doomed and decision already made. Of course I hope that I am wrong and the Frankston FC survives.

Has AFL Victoria officially said they are gone or they will talk with the dolphins and try to see if there is light at the end of the tunnel. I thought Ron Gauci is suppose to be the Mr fixit man. Has he got a plan B ?   

Will the administrators close the doors ?

Would they need Luke Beveridge, Matthew Boyd and Tory Dickson to make a last minute plea ??

The more I read this (what is happening to Frankston) the more I hate the AFL and the more I DESPISE GWS !!





It took 21 hours to put out a statement but it doesn't answer any questions from last night.


Where do we stand?

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Dead in the water. The club will be put into liquidation.

Attached is a letter from the club to its members  today.


Update to Members
We refer to our appointment as Voluntary Administrators of Frankston Football Club Inc (Administrators
Appointed) (“the Club”).
The Administrators have today met with representatives of AFL Victoria. At that meeting the
Administrators were advised that it was AFL Victoria’s intention to terminate the licence agreement which
allows the Club to compete in the VFL. As a result of this decision the Club will not be able to compete in
the VFL competition into the future.
Given the above, it is expected that the Club will shortly be placed into liquidation and that the Club’s
operations will formally be wound down.
We appreciate the impact that this will have on members and supporters of the Club and would like to
take this opportunity to thank members and supporters for their assistance and engagement during the
Voluntary Administration process.
Any queries in relation to this matter can be directed to Joshua Peters on (03) 9613 5556.

Very interesting.  Heard a few years ago that those in charge wanted to get rid of Frankston, the Roosters and Coburg and I guess this is the first step in making that happen.  

Interesting move by the administrator, clearly they've been told by AFL Vic of their intentions, but the administrators decision to put it out there almost straight the subsequent backlash against AFL Vic...could we see a reversal of opinion from AFL Vic on Thursday?

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Maybe the dolphins should get luke beveridge, matthew boyd and tory dickson to have a word to the afl vic clowns ? The backlash the afl vic tools receive will go through the roof.

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Here's what Frankston MP Paul Edbroke wrote on FFC Facebook page.

"Thanks for the chat Andy Maher on SEN 1116 about the AFL's imminent decision to terminate the Frankston Dolphins VFL License.

"I had brokered a plan with the Minister for Liquor and Gaming Regulation where the club survives, the staff get paid and the creditors get their money, rather than work with us, the AFL have just thrown months of work out the window."

"Its an absolute dog of a decision".




This is now the way of the would now dog eat dog.

Frankston being an incorporated entity cannot trade whilst insolvent so you cannot blame the VFL entirely for this sad state of affairs.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the newly renovated social club that cost millions of dollars fits into this decision Can it still trade at a profit without the footy club being involved?

Maybe down the track a new Frankston footy entity or the Frankston Bombers can apply for a licence from the VFL mob  at AFL Victoria (sic)