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I hope the afl victoria cop all the barrage of emails, criticism and lot more of what they deserve. There would be a lot of angry people against them now. Absolute pack of low life filth they are. Why dont they just have their own reserves and be done with. Thats what they want. The last few remaining vfl clubs can form another old league and maybe drag a few disgruntled sanfl teams. Afl greedy, pig headed and arrogant . Looks like a lot more local footy for me in the future thats if the afl filth dont stuff all those comps as well. A bit of ranting by myself but thats how i feel about the current frankston situation. I think i might send an email to afl victoria to let off a bit more steam !!

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For those that havent seen the petition, a link is here:


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Give the turds  a blast or two VFA.  Below are the email addresses you need to send your comlaints to (as advised by FFC) and/or have your say on their FB page although it appears they are deleting  any feedback re Frankston.



Email - or

 Make sure you address all communication to Steven Reaper.


How ironic that the man in charge is named Reaper. Wonder if he's related to 'Grim Reaper?'

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I happened to bump into a fellow Port supporter last night and had a chat about this.

We agreed if Frankston went, then the development league (VFL Reserves) looks doomed.

Also posed the theory that the Roosters and Coburg would be next in their sights.

Raised the question, should Port, Willy, the Roosters and Coburg look to jump to the VAFA or another comp now, before the axe swings on them.
Not a matter of if, but when.

Ron Burger
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As strong as Port and Willy are, and as careful as the Lions have been in our rebuild (I can't really comment on the Roosters), 5 becoming 4 and the swiftness with which this (as yet formally unannounced) decision has been made, would suggest that AFL/AFL Victoria are simply waiting for clubs to sink and pick them off one by one in the next few seasons until there are 10 AFL reserves sides in Victoria. 


I doubt Coburg would look to join the VAFA. More likely the Essendon District Football League, where the top 6-8 clubs already pay their players more than we do anyhow! 



Please help save the Dolphins by signing a petition on Paul Edbrooke MP's Facebook page

it has had over 1050 people sign up in less than 24 hours it only takes a couple of minutes.

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I have signed the petition. Latest update already up to 1077 that have signed.

Does not matter who you barrack for Port, Willy, Coburg, love your local footy or an old Northcote dragon like myself.

SIGN petition !!


To all those Footscray supporters out there SIGN IT !!

Just think Luke Beveridge, Matthew Boyd and Tory Dickson SIGN IT !!



As at 7:35am this morning up to 1853 now signed up

Go to and search for Frankston to find the petition






As at 7:35am this morning up to 1853 now signed up

Go to and search for Frankston to find the petition





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The links are easy to find. Just go to vfa facebook halycon days. Many many people are furious with the faceless, gutless afl victoria clowns. Sign if you haven't already.