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RIP VFA/VFL. With Bendigo the VFL has lost two standalone teams in recent years. When you include the Carlton takeover of Preston, Hawthorn of Box Hill and the imminent St Kilda takeover of Sandringham and the possibility of Adelaide joining the comp is really the AFL reserves by stealth. Sad times for the Victorian Football community.

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Marcus Picken ex willy with matthew boyd, tory dickson and Luke beveridge ex dolphins. Part of a flag for footscray first in 62 years. Steve grim reaper if your intention is to get rid of the old vfa clubs you are are dead set goose !!! You should resign immediately and not interfere with local footy. Were are these players going to come from ?????

Ron Burger
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Clubs that don't get themselves $1.5m in debt hopefully.

Don't use the romance of the Dogs' AFL flag to push your agenda.

Its inappropriate and detracts from the special moment we have all just witnessed



I'm afraid I acknowledge the point.


Theres two issues here.

If the club was able to trade next year, kicking them out of the VFL is a disgrace. But that is a very big "if".

The debt is a different issue. They are 1, maybe even 1.5m in debt - what could they possibly hope to turn over next year to go towards paying it off? It is not actually the role of the AFL to pay that debt off. They generally wouldn't even do so for their own clubs. 

Its sad, and I don't have an easy answer. From what I've seen there are hard questions about the viability of the VFL structure. Even the "big" clubs like port and Williamstown seem to survive primarily on non football revenue. I suspect they need to get their heads together and work out if they can find ten clubs to form a state league as a genuine second tier. Not Trying to compete with AFL reserves.

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Not trying to detract from todays grand final one bit. I was there and it was awesome especially for those old dogs fans. When a club has not won a flag since 1954 it is unbelievable to witness history being made. Just frustrated at what has happened to the dolphins. Dont forget the failed fitzroy bulldogs merger. They also tried with hawthorn and melbourne and how has hawthorn gone since ? Melbourne will be playing finals next year and on right track. There has been many clubs that have debts much more than the dolphins that have got out of trouble. I personally cannot see the current vfl structure going for another two years. Who knows whats in store ?

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So the AFL can pay Sting $1.2 million for 30  minutes work  but cant throw a few dollars Frankstons way when in desperate need. 

Mr McLaughlin...what happened to supporting grass roots footy? Pretty sure  you mentioned something about that when you signed up to receive your exorbitant salary. 

F***ing disgusting.

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Headlines should read frankston stung by afl sting.

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frankston officially gone as of friday afternoon  30/09 16 have seen the afl victoria statement however the door is still ajar for 2018 as afl victoria realise the importance of the region lets hope someone can get thier act together  



Lots of clubs are in debt, Carlton have been up to $8 million in debt in recent years and that figure is probably more given that's what Carlton have stated their debt at.

Majority of Carlton's debt related to building works done at Princess Park and then losing AFL footy at the ground as Docklands was bulit. It seems alot of Frankston's debt relates to poker machine-licence, like Carlton its a business decision that hasn't worked..

What is Coburg's plan going forward, how do they survive paying 50% of the salary cap. Peter German has done an enormous job but is it sustainable?


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it seems frankston didint declare the full      extent of their debt to aflvictoria until the last minute and not having  a chance of paying back over 1million dollars in the future   afvictoria had no option as a footnote one of frankstons major sponsors had paid  4 years of sponsership in advance  and now         with no chance of seeing a return at all  sad times  but you only have to read marc fiddians history of the VFA to see some great clubs are no longer with us and i'm sure some good people tried their best at the time.CLARRY