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Expect a call from Port Robbo.

You would feel quite at home down there with all your old mates !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Do we have any idea of when Frankston will issue their official respond/statement regarding this.. and the possibility of a side competing in 2018?


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We will know more in about 3 weeks. The meeting with the creditors has been postponed until Oct 28 because of the decision not to allow them to play in 2017. They will come up with a new business plan in that time to show the creditors and if accepted we should know their plans then. If the creditors reject their plan its all over.

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It's a difficult one. 

I admit to not liking Frankston one bit. BUT..I would hate them to be out of the VFL.

But if a club gets itself into that sort of financial difficulty, is it expected that the AFL come in and bail it out? If that was the case then many clubs would simply spend money they don't have then go cap in hand to the AFL expecting them to cover their losses. Unfortunately things just don't work that way. Clubs have to be a lot more responsible financially

It reminds me a bit of what happened to Dandenong. Got deep into debt...administrators called thing they're out of the comp.

I really hope that Frankston can get back in for season 2018. But at the moment, that looks unlikely. Hopefully the creditors accept whatever plan is put to them

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Its going to be very difficult for them to come back in 2018. All their players and coaches will have moved on, and will they even have a ground? Frankston Council seems sympathetic, but they  could possibly lease the ground for 2017 and beyond.

They will only have limited funds to start again, as it appears the deal offered to creditors is for payments to be made over a 4 year period, Where will the money come from to put together a competitive team? High on the egenda would have to be a top line coach but that is going to be expensive. 

There are some quality people forming committees now to address these issues , and hopefully they can find a way.


Truth be told the club is probably more profitable just running a few functions and sling beers at the social club, with no actual footy side!


how do you keep the club together though without games to go to? Where do the volunteers come from?

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If there is a bye each week. Maybe each club could play a 'practice match' so that they are still getting a game in.


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Couple of interesting names in the footy world have come on board offering their help to the Dolphs. Ian Dicker (Hawthorn)and Adrian Lloyd ( Carlton). 

Exactly what is needed I believe. I would also like to see some of the higher profile  ex  Frankston players now playing with AfL teams to get on board too. 

Ron Burger
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I fear this is all too late in practical terms.

Yes, Dicker may have been successful in turning around Hawthorn's financial fortunes 20 years ago, but he had players, coaches, matches and involvement in a premiership season to keep everything relevant.

Without active involvement in a football season, the prospect of re-starting in 2018 seems fanciful at best. So unless the coaching staff are willing to stick around and the Dolphins drop back to playing in the MPNFL for a year with a weaker than VFL list, Im struggling to see how they could re-enter as a VFL side for 2018.


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Basically they have to have a genuine realistic plan for the massive debt. The club can get themselves set for 2018 on field by some big assignments off field. Yes it is a massive challenge ahead but they have no option. No use playing in the lower level of mpnfl. Major object is have a plan for off field and to return to the playing field for 2018. Ian dicker and lloyd would be of great benefit. They also need to involve as many ex players as possible. If they can also get ex dolphins in beveridge, dickson, boyd, lloyd and hibberd in any capacity highlighting frankstons plight would be of great help. Even a bit of token publicity will help a bit. It is a long road ahead for frankston to get back to level playing field. 2016 has been the year of the fairytale with Leicester epl, Footscray first in 62 years, cronulla first ever in 50 years and peel thunder first ever in wafl. Frankston need all of their good lucky charm to get back as well as hard yakka to get on board in 2018. Good luck dolphins.