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Future of the VFL?
Busy off season in the VFL. Frankston kyhbered, Nth Ballarat with their head on the chopping block, Sandy swallowed by St Kilda, Casey swallowed by Melbourne, Ports player payment cuts, Development League under a dark cloud. Possibility of only 13 teams to contest 2017.
What does the future hold for the VFL? Is there anything positive on the horizon?
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Still think its just a matter of time before its the afl reserves unfortunately 


I think it will remain similar to how it is now, that is mostly AFL reserves clubs, some alignments where it suits the AFL club, and standalone clubs that are strong enough to stand on their own two feet. 

I think the AFL likes the model as it is for draft purposes, but has zero interest in helping clubs that aren't independently sustainable and even less interest in the history of the competition.

Ron Burger
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AFL will secretly enjoy watching the non-AFL clubs drop off without any apparently negative influence from HQ and, unless Port can tighten their finances, it may be only Willy and the ten AFL reserves set ups left by 2020.


To a large extend, that will be up to the individual clubs involved. Reality is a VFL standalone team needs to be well managed to survive, and really that's the way it should be.

There's no reason a solid VFL club can't run out of Frankston, Port have certainly shown they can do it previously (and good to see them taken proactive steps now) and Willi are setting a benchmark. Coburg have quietly gone about their business working to a budget and producing draftees and a competitive side.

It won't be easy to survive, but if clubs make themselves important to their community then there is a good chance they will.


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As always Paul, you are the voice of reason.

It's not all doom and gloom.  Frankston are taking positive steps towards 2018, and club at state level is certainly needed to represent the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region.



Im with you Ron

The AFL dont give a toss about the fake VFL they created and will let the exVFA clubs disappear slowly until the comp becomes the AFL reserves with maybe Port and Willy surviving but both depend on their existance  mainly due to pokie money and if that ever dries up they will be gone as well.Its the old story - money talks bullshit walks.

I note with interest that its very quiet on the Sandringham situation re being taken over by St Kilda.

With the lack of recruiting of VFL standard players it looks like the Zebras will be another Preston.Box Hill,Springvale/Casey sooner rather than later.


I'm with you Billy. It will be AFL reserves/aligned teams plus whatever VFA teams can stand on their own two feet.


I don't see much of a future for the VFL.  As has been shown with Frankston the AFL will not help when a club is in trouble.  With the Casey Demons and Sandringham Saints two more old VFA clubs are dead.  The standalone VFL sides are walking a tightrope, one wrong step and they are gone.

Ron Burger
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Coburg keep teetering too.

I had to muffle a laugh when reading the announcement of "a few coaching changes" seeing the departure of:

1. Football Manager (left not replaced)

2. Senior Assistant/Defensive Coach (left)

3. Senior midfield coach (went to Box Hill)

4. Senior forward coach (left)

5. Development Head Coach (Knights)

6. Development Forward coach (left)

Only two moved to other jobs, the others just chucked it in. 

Add to that another 55% turnover of the playing list and it will clearly take a long time to bed things down at the Lions once again for 2017

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I reckon the standalone clubs should talk with the VAFA and considering moving/merging into their comp.

Better to do it now in some kind of position of strength, then wait for the axe to swing, which will happen sooner rather than later.