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I think your idea of some of the ex VFA clubs esp my club Sandrinham joining the VAFA would be a great idea.I would at last be able to follow a REAL team.It would be tricky for the VAFA to place the clubs in the right division though.

Ron Burger
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At the end of the Melbourne alignment , and before the St Kilda alignment, in the 2008/09 summer Sandringham Zebras made preliminary enquiries with the VAFA about joining as a Premier club in the event they couldn’t compete as a stand alone entity in the VFL. 

Every ex-VFA club now operating locally (Prahran, Dandenong, Geelong West, Sunshine, Yarraville, Mordialloc, Kilsyth, Preston, Northcote, etc.) effectively folded for a season or two, and then re-booted as a new club but claiming the VFA history behind it. 

Stand alone clubs would do well to re-read the Kelty Report and prepare to transition out of the VFL in the next 5 years.

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Ron B

Do you know how to obtain the Kelty Report, I can't find anything on Google.


Ron Burger
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It was published in hard copy in late 2015 and circulated amongst key stakeholders (including VFL stand alone clubs) at that time. Spiked pretty strong reactions from the likes of Trevor Monti at Willy and Gary Ayres at Port.

With respect to the second tier in Victoria (VFL) it advocated a return to 10 AFL reserves teams, and the scrapping of the Development League. Obviously the latter has already come to pass. It’s almost inevitable that each AFL team will eventually cannibalise their VFL affiliate. 

The key issue is whether AFL Victoria will countenance a VFL with the 10 AFL reserves teams and possibly 9 stand alones in Port, Willy, Werribee, Coburg, Sandy, Casey, Box Hill, Frankston and Northern.

The positives would be more senior VFL spots to fill by young players coming out of TAC, and also a balanced fixture where it could be an 18 game season where everyone plays each other once. 

The most likely negative would be the questionable ability of the stand alones (save perhaps for Port, Willy and I think Werribee) to genuinely compete against the AFL reserves  units.

It makes sense to me, but I doubt it’s the AFL’s preferred model.


The AFL is clearly aiming for a full reserves comp telecast by CH 7 and anyone that thinks other wise is a fool.

They wont give two hoots about what happens the the ex VFA teams having virtually killed them off one by one

l hope the SFC continue on as a standalone team in any our great history is preserved.

Surely the social club and other income would be enough to run a team in a lower comp tother than the AFL reserves.

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Prrahran Assumption is a merger between Commonwaelth Bank and State Bank where the two blues took over. Assumption was added in recent years. Dandeniong has no affilliation whatsoever with the redlegs and is actually Dandenong West  being renamed. Geelong West merged with St Petersand now being rebranded by GWS and called the trash name of Giants rather than Roosters. Sunshine is nothing to do with the crows. There was Sunshine Heights and Sunshine YCW with one of them now called just Sunshine. Yarraville is the former Kingsville and Seddon FC and claims nothing to do with the eagles. Even on their website they say that. Northcote Park are the cougers and nothing to do with the mighty Dragons. Preston Bullants are in the VAFA and are a junior club that progressed with seniors and doing well. Only Kilsyth, Mordialloc and Berwick can claim to being the full VFA teams that survive on their own right today. Prahran to a much lesser degree.


Then there is Oakleigh and Brunswick both gome the big league in the sky Brighton, Camberwell and Caulfield as well.

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I think it's a bit harsh saying Prahran are only barely Prahran because they've had to grab players by merging/affiliating with other clubs. Not many footballing types in Prahran these days. The Prahran Football Social Club still exists and bankrolls the club, so I think it's fair to say they're still Prahran. 

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AFL reserves competition expected to return in 2019

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