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I don't watch the drivel called the Footy Show. Damian Barrett is another Craig Hutchison. They talk crap. 

I think most of us are jumping the gun here but you would think eventually the AFL will have their own reserves and you would also think if that was the case there would be at least a years grace for the old VFA teams. At the moment it is drivel and rumours started from Damian Barrett. Yep I say enjoy the VFL comp in 2018 as at least we still have a comp. Ideal world take us back to the 1970s VFA days we all wish but reality it is 2018 so enjoy as best we can. Go seagulls, borough, burgers, dolphins and bees. Hope all the VFL stand alone teams do well. 


If you are hard up enough to watch the footy show you'll watch anything.

My old boss used to say "You only get what you are prepared to accept"

Very true & you don't have to have crap rammed down your throat.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


I gave up watching theat shit years ago Their ratings are in the toilet and I dont see Eddie being able to stop their demise.RIP Footy Show

People like Barrett and Huchinson are just leaches living off our great game and will say anything for a headline

.How many games of top footy did either of these two play Eh?None? Still I think the AFL will have a full reserves comp sooner rather than later and the ex VFA clubs should prepare for that day.

Wally from Will...
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page 63 of today's Herald-Sun (so it must be true!) in Mark Robinson's column is a footnote regarding a comment by new AFL football operations boss Steve Hocking that 'shot down a suggestion the return of a national AFL reserves competition was on the agenda'. Is that the end of the matter? or where's there is smoke? 

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I believe Steve Hocking over Damien Barrett. Hocking is as straight up as they come. 

Wally from Will...
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There were reports Eddie McEverywhere confirmed what Barrett said but i didn't see the Footy Show so i can't say for sure 

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According to this article the AFL wrote to the state leagues after Barretts statements, saying there will be no changes for 2019. No mention of 2020.....